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I met Sammy and Sandra for lunch and goodbye.  I had tried to change my flight, but the United phone lines were busy because of weather issues I guess back in the States.  So I headed to airport in a rush (because I had assumed I’d get through to the airline.)  My driver was very courteous.  Before we left the hotel, he ran through a checklist of items to make sure I had my passport, wallet, cell phone, etc.  What a nice, professional thing to do.  He also gave me a bit of history and info about Medellin on the way to the airport. 

Unfortunately, though, I missed my flight .... by like 3 minutes.  I got there at 4:35pm, but made on stop at the counter to see about changing my flight.  Avianca said they couldn’t change the flight because it was booked with United miles.  They said I had to call United.  Well, that was no good because United phone lines are busy.  

So when I finally got around to checking in, it was 4:48pm - just missing the 4:45pm cut off.  Ooops.  If i had only checked in online from the hotel. Note to self: DO THIS FROM NOW ON.   My only option, since I couldn’t get through to United, was to buy a ticket directly from Avianca for $1,000!!!  So frustrating. 

The drive back to the Hotel was interesting.  The taxi driver thought he was Mario Andretti.  (Why didn’t I have this guy on the way TO the airport!?)  He would pass people on blind curves, and he would drive on the wrong side of the road at high speed to avoid speed-control speed bumps on the right side of the road.  Crazy.  Wish I had taken a video.

On the way back to Le Parc Hotel, I called Johanna to see if she’d have dinner with me, and she agreed.  We went to dinner at a place on the square in Parque Lleras.  We each had a plato tipico, which was much better than the same dish I had at another restaurant.  We then took a walk down to Poblado Parque to sit and chat and enjoy the evening.  On the way home, we stopped to pick up a pizza para llevar.

Remember the advantages of checking in ahead of time — you can usually go straight to security and you don’t have to have the agent inspect your bag and weigh it.  However, upon boarding there still may be an issue with bag size or weight.   Just make sure you have the boarding pass sent to your email, and do a screen shot in case there isn’t wifi at airport to retrieve email.   

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photo by: caliphil007