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Nowy Targ is my birthplace and home, even thought I haven't reside there in over 13 years now.   It is a town located in southern part of Poland.  Nowy Targ is the capital of Podhale, the mountain region, and it's name means "New Market".  It was established in the 13th century & has gone through many historical events, occupations, WWI and WWII,...even Pope John Paul II has visited this town, which event my parents reminise about.

Nowy Targ is happily situated beneath the Gorce Mountains and in the confluence of rivers Bialy and Czarny Dunajec.  From one of our houses top floors (4th floor) you actually get a beautiful view of Gorce Mountains, on one side, and Tatry Mountains, on the other.  It is a breath-taking view!

Nowy Targ is famous for the ice hockey team, Podhale Nowy Targ, a very sucessful club.  There isn't anyone in the town who isn't familiar w/ the team & its success.  Another interesting thing is "Jarmak" that takes place every thursday in Targowica, outdoor market, to which people from all over the region, including Checks & Slovaks, come to sell their goods.  You can buy anything from jewerly, CDs, shoes, rugs, furniture, clothes, flowers, food, homemade dairy even a cow, sheep, horse, etc. 

There are two main churches in the town, Nowy Kosciol, where I was baptised & had my 1st communion, and Stary Kosciol, to which we would attend often as well.  The town square has been renovated couple years ago & its filled w/ monuments, office buildings, stores, cafes, and Lody Nowotarskie (ice cream) which are famous & the best!!!! mmmm :) The town hospital is located over Czarny Dunajec River next to cemetary, new land developments, close to the Gorce Mountains.  On the other side of the town, near another house of mine, there is an Airport where Pope JPII flew to in 1978.   Also close by there is Mleczarnia, where they collect milk & make milk products.  Across the street and a little bit down, there is Szkola Numer 7 also refered to as Szkola Specjalna, where students w/ disabilities attended.  That school had an awesome playground where all the neighboorhood kids would place.  Little bit down the street and across, was another cemetary, Jewish Cemetary. 

Remembering everything about this beautiful town makes me want to return so bad.  My parents visit yearly b/c of family, elder parents, & well body of my late brother was burried in Nowy Targ's cemetary. I plant to return to Poland next year around May, for my God-Son's 1st Communion :) I cannot believe he is already 6 and turning 7.

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Nowy Targ
photo by: freewayboz