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[i'm pasting this from my blog]
oktoberfest?  but wait, this is september!
yes. don't ask me why.  well actually you can, i looked into it, and the story goes something like this.  back in the day, the simple bavarian folks celebrated this sweet golden liquid we call beer in october.  but someone said 'hmm, maybe we should celebrate this earlier, when the weather's still half-decent.'  so they moved it to september.  but it's 3 wkends long, so it still does end in october.
anyhow, i went for the opening weekend.  i'd floated the idea around a few times the month leading up to it, but got lukewarm reception at best.  then there was the fact that the hostels/cheap hotels were all booked way in advance, and that there are no cheap flights to munich (so it was either an 8-10 hr train trip or drive).
  add on the fact that i have to stay in geneva the two friday nites of the two wkends i am free to go (meaning it'd be saturday morning departure at the earliest).  so prospects of me going were looking bleak.  then my fellow canadian friend andrĂ© was just crazy enuf to sign on to one of my trademark insane last-minute minimal planning whirlwind trips.  so i had to actually make it happen!  but as things always do, it worked out.
after about 1.5 hrs of sleep, got on the 4.54am train from geneva, arrived early afternoon, and started drinking not too long after that!  luckily andrĂ© speaks some travel-german, cuz mein deutsch ist null.  had some difficulty at first finding a place to sit, but once we did it was soooo much fun!  the instant comraderie of fellow inebriators was quite remarkable, language barriers be damned.
  amazing what can be done with a packed hall ('tent') full of people with 1-litre beers in hand and a live band playing favourite classics (or instant classics in the case of german songs for us tourists).
it was a lot more fun and convivial than i had imagined.  and oh yeah, not as messy either.  when the nite ended at 10.30, people were still walking in more-or-less straight lines (tho after 3L, i wasn't the best judge of that either..) and i wasn't wading thru ankle-deep vomit, to my pleasant surprise.
the next day, less than 24 hrs after arriving, hopped on the train to head back to geneva.  more or less the same way we came, taking the slow train but taking advantage of DB's super sweet nice-weekend ticket deal.
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photo by: AleksandraEa