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Sam's First Jump
I was so nervous, as this was one of the first times I had traveled so far, and by myself. Since I was DJing a Prom, my roommate decided to leave before I did, and so I took a plane to Asia by myself.  Traveling EVA Air, I was probably one of maybe 3 people who were not Asian. I knew I stood out. Saying goodbye to my parents at the security gate, this was it.   Just getting on the plane, everything was so unique to me. I was actually getting handed warm moist towelettes before meals, the technology was so different, this was the start of something I was genuinely looking forward too.

13 hours later, (time did go by rather quickly) I ended up in Taipei. Now, I didn't even know where Taiwan was before this trip, now I'm insulted when I hear someones lack of knowledge of Asia!  But I got off the plane, and it turned out i had a 13 hour layover, so I decided to go on a half day tour. 

Right off the bat, exiting Taiwan, I was shocked at how hot and humid it was. I sincerely had no idea what to expect. It reminded me a lot of Latin America though.  Granted this was my first time being in Asia, i was rather reluctant to do anything too adventurous. I held onto my bags tightly, and prepared to step into this new world.

The tour was of Sansia, and I was shocked at the amount of air pollution there was in the air. there were also thousands upon thousands of mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles.  It was ridiculous, I have never seen anything like it.    While driving to Sansia, (which I don't know if i'm spelling this correctly), there were tons of rice farms, and dilapitated housing. It was really depressing seeing some of these buildings, how cramped everything was. I'm sure Taipei would be nicer though.

Entering into the market place, I got to see really cool fruits and animals, odd squids, live eels, pig hearts, and it was just surreal walking through these crammed streets, my throat burning from air pollution, watching people just doing this, knowing that this is their life, every day.

We got to see some of the detailed temples, which have some very cool symbolic designs. Other than that, we went to a little more upscale mall, then headed back to the nice safe airport, where I spent several hours next to a starbucks and subway. I knew i told myself not to go to those places, but at the same time, it was cool to beable to charge using my visa, even though I had gotten fresh travelers checks. Now it was time to await the next journey - arriving into Indonesia!
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Sam's First Jump
photo by: Deats