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Peru is not only Cusco ,Machu-Picchu, Titicaca Lake but also with 60% of Peruvian territory the Amazon Jungle. The Andes separate the arid coastal strip from the lush Amazon rainforest. Norte Chico civilization along the Pacific coast as early as 3,000BC. Many civilizations such as the Moche, Chavin, ChimĂș and Nazca would follow, leaving behind fascinating ruins.

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August 1st, 2013Huanchaco, Peru
August 2nd, 2013Trujillo, Peru
August 5th, 2013Trujillo, Peru
August 10th, 2013Piura, Peru
August 12th, 2013Tumbes, Peru
August 16th, 2013Chiclayo, Peru
August 20th, 2013Tarapoto, Peru
August 21st, 2013Tarapoto, Peru
August 22nd, 2013Lagunas, Peru
August 23rd, 2013Lagunas, Peru