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Totora reeds take place largely in the regions of Ancash, La Libertad, and Lambayeque.

Huanchaco is a small fishing village on the north coast of Peru, near the ruin of chan chan, just 20 minutes of the much larger city of Trujillo.

Huanchaco is a quiet place for its surf breaks and especially known for its unique fishing vessels "Caballitos de Totora".

Reed boats were also constructed using totora reeds .

Intriguingly, the design of these boats closely matches the design used in Peru. Large reed plant has been used for a variety of purposes since old time and totora as part of Peru’s cultural patrimony .

Evidence suggests that the totora reed boats used in northern Peru may represent a kind of proto-surfboard, as it has they can be used to “ride” waves in a manner that is similar to the modern sport of surfing.

According to Andina, inhabitants of the northern coast have been using these small boats for recreational and fishing activities for centuries. Totora reed materials have been uncovered at the El Brujo archaeological complex, and artwork at the famed Chan Chan site includes depictions of similar small reed boats.

In Huanchaco you can eat also some of the best cebiche in all Peru or assist to little horses show..

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Totora reeds take place largely in…
Totora reeds take place largely i…
these small boats for recreational…
these small boats for recreationa…
“caballitos de totora,” or “…
“caballitos de totora,” or …
Trujillo beach
Trujillo beach
Trujillo beach
Trujillo beach
Trujillo beach
Trujillo beach
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