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The Summary

So what have we here? One of the seven wonders of the world (Machu Pichu), but only a fool would think Peru's highlights end there. Because this is the land of alpaca wool, the world's deepest gorge, a 1000 varieties of potatoes and the finest cuisine in the world courtesy the Andean spices. My very first South American adventure, I spent a fortnight here, and each of the aforementioned didn't disappoint. Peru is more than just Machu Pichu!

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November 23rd, 2013Lima, Peru
November 23rd, 2013Cusco, Peru
November 24th, 2013Cusco, Peru
November 24th, 2013Pisac, Peru
November 24th, 2013Saqsaywaman, Peru
November 25th, 2013Cusco, Peru
November 26th, 2013Ayapata, Peru
November 27th, 2013Chaquicocha, Peru
November 28th, 2013Winay Wayna, Peru
November 29th, 2013Machu Picchu, Peru
November 29th, 2013Aguas Calientes, Peru
November 30th, 2013Cusco, Peru
December 1st, 2013Cusco, Peru
December 1st, 2013Juliaca, Peru
December 2nd, 2013Islas Uros, Peru
December 2nd, 2013Isla Taquile, Peru
December 3rd, 2013Chucuito, Peru
December 3rd, 2013Puno, Peru
December 3rd, 2013Sillustani, Peru
December 3rd, 2013Arequipa, Peru
December 4th, 2013Arequipa, Peru
December 5th, 2013Colca Canyon, Peru
December 6th, 2013Arequipa, Peru
December 6th, 2013Lima, Peru
December 7th, 2013Lima, Peru