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The idea of every making a trip to Europe, Africa etc...anywhere across the Atlantic Ocean has been foreign, to me, for years. I have been very happy with my Central and South America trips. I was very happy to learn more and more of those places. Perhaps this trip to Morocco was to test my strength of resolve to break out of my patterns of behaviour. To find new horizons.

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October 13th, 2013Moncton, Canada
October 14th, 2013Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 15th, 2013Marrakech, Morocco
October 16th, 2013Marrakech, Morocco
October 17th, 2013Marrakech, Morocco
October 18th, 2013Zagora, Morocco
October 19th, 2013sahara, Morocco
October 20th, 2013Marrakech, Morocco
October 21st, 2013Marrakech, Morocco