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Until recently, I had always thought that that preparing a blog to record thoughts, observations and travels seemed to be a bit too personal for my liking. Somehow,  it seemed like my personal life would be on too large a  stage. I rather liked the impersonal nature of a review. Conversations with other TB members made me stop and think.

Nevertheless, I realized my Morocco trip was going to be fast, furious and unlike any trip I had ever taken. The idea to fly from the northern Atlantic provinces of Canada to Marakeech, in North Africa for a one, week holiday, almost seemed insane. So maybe a blog is the way to go? I resolved to break out of my shell and try something new.

My homeland flight to Toronto from Moncton was via Air Canada Express, the name given to the puny feeder planes that fly Canadians to Toronto. Little prop planes featuring cabin crews that forgot how to smile or make one feel welcome.If you do not live in Toronto, you always feel isolated from travel potentials.

I left my home at 3:00pm and was in the terminal at 3:30pm for the 5:30pm departure to Air Canada , Terminal One in Toronto.  Check in was ho-hum with my backpack to go as far as Amsterdam. I was fortunate enough to get an aisle seat, my favorite.

 On arrival in Toronto, two hours and twenty minutes later I realize why I hate small aircraft and silly, small , cramped seats. It was rather interesting to realize that KLM, my connector flight overseas, was housed in Terminal 3, even though they are an Air Canada partner.

At 10:30 pm.....Boarded a new, KLM AirBus 330-200 ...the football field, with many seats, in fact  243 seats with big engines. Again, was fortunate enough to get an aisle seat on the opposite side of the washroom. I fell in love with the quiet aircraft that offered 35” of room per passenger. The cabin crew gave service a whole new name.  FREE food and FREE drinks in 2013.  Service with a smile..a whole new concept. Still the prospect of another 7.5 hours in a plane seat was daunting.

Surprisingly, one minute 3.5 hours had elapsed and only another four hours to go. The next moment there was only two left and breakfast was served....I actually slept on a plane, for the first time in my life.

 We arrived in Amsterday at 11am,....and I lost 12.5 hours of my life. Day # 1 on my second attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean.I wondered if i was right, in my decision to cross the big waters.

Still, Morocco, a new experience and another world was now within my grasp.

rsvpme says:
Twas my pleasure.....truly !
Posted on: Jun 17, 2015
TravChef says:
It's true when you say that when we open the thoughts to others, we run the risk of being understood. People always makes their own judgement either we are close or open. I am delighted so exchanges a few wisdom with you. :)
Posted on: Jun 17, 2015
rsvpme says:
As time has progressed I have become more comfortable with my personal observations, being made public. Writing for Suja Travel has broken through a lot of that ice. I have enjoyed my time in travels alone, and suppose deep down, I had become a bit of an introvert. Drama is how we feed our senses necessary excitement. Perhaps when we open the thoughts to others, we run the risk of being understood. Your comments are interesting.
Posted on: Jun 16, 2015
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