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Aree with her never ending smile.
Megan's Blog #3
As I am writing this, I'm doped up on benadryl... so... if it doesn't make so much sense - blame the drugs!
  Remember how I picked and ate the best mango of my life the other day?  Well, I picked and ate and picked and ate and now- I have a mango mangled face!!  It seems that in my mango madness I have overdosed and developed an allergic reaction.  As I was indulging in  the warm, gooey, goodness of these amazing fruits, it had in fact entered my mind that in the past, I had had an allergic reaction.  But did it stop me?  No.  And because of that, I am now suffering from puffy, itchy eyes.  I look like a monster. 
Rich, being the dutiful boyfriend that he is, disagrees.
Rich and Aree. That's forced-perspective. She's not really that huge.
  Of course he disagrees that I look repulsive! It's his job to disagree!  I am very thankful to have him here with me.  Not only does he keep my spirits up while i am dealing with my reaction, he is keeping the swelling of my eyes down by providing me with some drugs.  What's funny is, when we were packing for this trip, good ole Boy Scout Rich put together a massive first aid kit.  I totally made fun of him.  Now, I have had to humble myself and ask for a steady stream of supplies from the kit.  You know me, always engaging in some form of self-injury while pursuing a little fun. 
Speaking of self-injury, remember how I hurt my foot the other day?  After everybody in the camp saw how bad it was, I was forced to stay in a hammock for a couple of days.
Aree, Megs and Phon at the river.
  I swear, they practically had to tie me into that thing.  I just wanted to keep going and going.  I healed my foot the Thai way.  They caught Rich bandaging my foot up to keep the swelling down and insisted that we didn't do that.  Instead, they had me stay off my foot for a couple of days.  Every hour or so, Juke would apply some mysterious balm to my foot.  After a couple of days, my foot feels much better. 
While confined to the hammock, I was on baby duty.  The camp has two babies.  The first is a three month old boy (Juke's baby) and the other is Aree, Dominique and Phot's 19 month old daughter.  In the last couple of days, I have managed to get spit up, pee, and slime (you know- that concoction that develops when any kind of food is mixed with saliva) on myself multiple times.
  Ick- kids are super gooey.  But they are super loveable too! 
Aree especially captured my heart.   She is such a bundle of energy!  Phot said that Dominique thought that Aree is a hyperactive child.  I absolutely see what she meant.  This kid never stops moving.   One day, Rich and I took her up to the park for 20 minutes or so.  The whole time she was bouncing from one activity to another, pulling us along with her tiny little hands.  When we got back from the park- we were both exhausted.  Caring for Aree is a lot of work.  But she constantly rewards our work with her vigorous hugs and smiles. 
This child has a whole village that adores her.
Rich loves this kid, too.
  They all shower her with love and attention every time they see her.  Phot has a lot of help from his family too.  This child's life is definately not lacking in love.  But still, it kills me that she doesn't have a mother any more. 
The other night Aree's dad ended up coming home later than usual.  Aree was super tired and wouldn't stop crying.  Everybody in the camp took a turn with her, trying to calm and soothe her to sleep.  As I got up to go to my bungalow, Aree was still crying in Papa's (her grandfather's) arms.  As I passed by them, she reached out for me to pick her up. So I took her into my arms and walked away from the camp, into the darkness.  I rocked her back and forth and sang her a song that I learned when I was a kid.
When this kid finally shuts down, she really shuts down.
  As soon as I started singing to her she laid her head down on my chest and started sucking her thumb.  I started to recall how soothing it felt to be in my mother's arms, listening to her breathing and heart beat, as I sucked my own thumb when i was this little.  This was the first time that it REALLY hit me- this was a motherless child I was holding!  Sure, she is showered with love on a daily basis by so many people.  She certainly is not wanting for love.  But she is motherless nonetheless.  I choked back my tears long enough to get her to sleep and pass her back to Papa.  But, as soon as I got back to my bungalow, the tears flowed.  God- I love that kid!
bluetree says:

You might not have to abandon your gluttonous love of that luscious fruit. It is in the same plant family as poison oak (and ivy and sumac) and it's the RIND that some people react to. Only when I ate a mango "watermellon style" directly out of the skin did my lips go numb and eventually dry up and peel off. So when picking them, wash your hands! But the fruit itself should be ok. Just my 2 cents worth - Mieko
Posted on: Jun 28, 2006
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Aree with her never ending smile.
Aree with her never ending smile.
Rich and Aree.  Thats forced-pers…
Rich and Aree. That's forced-per…
Aree, Megs and Phon at the river.
Aree, Megs and Phon at the river.
Rich loves this kid, too.
Rich loves this kid, too.
When this kid finally shuts down, …
When this kid finally shuts down,…
Megs and Aree at a wedding we atte…
Megs and Aree at a wedding we att…
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Juke, Lek (his girlfriend) and th…
Juke and his son.
Juke and his son.
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