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This morning I took a taxi to a nearby Wat.  Apparently I spent too much time inside the temple, so my moto taxi driver took off and left me stranded.  With no other taxis in sight, I decided to hitch a ride.  A sweet Mon woman on a scooter offered me a ride, but she gestured that she wasn't comfortable driving with me on the back.  So, I hopped on the front and we were off.  What a wild ride!  First of all, the scooter didn't have a clutch, so I didn't know how to switch gears.  Second, the woman kept tapping me on my shoulder, pointing to my left and saying something I didn't understand while I was trying to pay attention to all the Thai drivers as they swerved and honked and zoomed past me.  Damn crazy Thai drivers!  


Luckily, we arrived to our destination in one piece.  I got off the scooter and thanked the woman and offered her some money for gas- but she refused to take it.  She was so sweet!  I noticed behind her smile, that she seemed as shaken as I was by the wild ride we had just endured.  I kinda felt sorry for her, she has to face those crazy Thai drivers everyday. 


Later I realized that I had been driving on the RIGHT side of the road.  Damn crazy American!!!  They drive on the LEFT side of the road in Thailand!

bart455 says:
That's hilarious!
Posted on: May 23, 2011
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The local Wat
The local Wat
Sangkhla Buri
photo by: umbralwalker