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I caught a ride to Wat Suan Dok, a temple associated with one of the two Buddhist Universities in the area.  This temple offers a chance for people to chat with monk scholars about Buddhism.  I was absolutely floored by the poise and intellect of the monks here.  I learned more about Buddhism in just a few hours of chatting with them than I had in my entire 4 month stay in Asia


Before my chat with the monks, I was intercepted by two girls who were studying English at a nearby university.  They wanted to practice their English with me and get a little help with their homework.  I was happy to help and ended up spending about an hour chatting with them.  They were so cute.  They were so excited that I helped them that they invited me over to their house for lunch tomorrow.  They are going to teach me how to make Pad Thai noodles- YEAH!!  And after that, they are going to drive me to this temple that is like 13 km outside the city.  They said I can't come to Chiang Mai and miss a visit to this temple so they are gonna make it happen for me.  I have such luck!


After my monk chat I caught a taxi, one of the kinds where you hop into the back of a truck with other passengers going your way.  A young monk got in the truck at the same time as I did.  We had a confused exchange of words in Thai and English and then he asked for a handshake.  This confused me because I had spent my entire time in Asia trying not to touch monks on buses or as I passed them on the streets, because they are forbidden to have physical contact with women.   I just learned in my monk chat that it is okay for a monk to touch a woman, as long as his intentions were pure, so I thought— okay, if he thinks it's alright, why not?  So I shook his hand but quickly pulled it away because of the way he was holding it... and looking into my eyes.  This brought up questions in my mind about his intentions.  He asked to shake it again. I wanted to see what would happen so I handed over my hand.  He squeezed it, looked into my eyes and said "I love you".  I snatched my hand away, with an awkward laugh and exclaimed "Mai Dee!" which means "Bad!" [literally, 'not good']


I couldn't believe he did it.  Luckily, my stop was coming up soon, so there were only a few awkward moments before I could make my escape.  When I reached my destination, I gave him a polite smile and a "Chok Dee" and quickly made my exit.  But I wasn't quick enough because as I passed him to get out of the truck he reached out and ran his hand down my side touching my ribs and then my hips.  I couldn't believe it—I had been molested by a monk!  I must not be looking as ugly as I have been feeling, because it seems I have unintentionally turned a monk!


Bad monk!

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes