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Snow globe of local culture - airport in Trinidad. :-)

I had considered two options for this morning as I would only have a available until noon. When the alarm sounded, I snoozed, then again, then again. I even skipped breakfast as I decided to rest and be fresh to work the next day. I knew there was much more to see here, more than I had originally thought, I should have done Trinidad and Tobago separate from Guyana. 

I got up and ready in time to check out and call the airport transfer company to make sure they would be here, on time. I'm a little paranoid About this. One mess up and I could miss my flight...done that before. :-(

We made great time and even with some traffic it took only 30 minutes.  Arriving at the airport, I got into a very, very long line. I was 2 1/2 hours early, why was it so long.

My dinner at the Beat Western - Miami Intl Airport
  About 30 minutes into the wait, when I'd only moved a few feet, I knew something was wrong. An assistant was talking to someone about a delayed flight and asking people in line if we all had connections. I looked up at the signs over the check-in desks and it said that flight 1653 was delayed until 4:40. My flight was 1668... Not my flight. I went to a lady assisting an asked if there were two flights leaving as mine was a different number. I showed her my itinerary. She said that American Airlines had changed the flight number and time. I would be leaving at 4:40. was my flight. She said that American would try to get me on some flight to get me home tonight if possible. 

When I finally go to check in, I was informed that my flight wasn't leaving at 4:40pm, it would be leaving at 6pm. There had been a mechanical problem and 6pm was the soonest that American could get a plane here. He also informed me that the earliest connection would be in the morning as there was no other flight leaving Miami for Boston. He said that I would leave at 8:15 and land at 11:45am. I was told I would get a voucher for food here and then when I get to Miami I would get accommodations, transport and food vouchers for my delay. 

I had so crappy pizza, two yogurts, a sip of sugar water called orange juice and a bottle of water. 

After security, I found a souvenir shop with interesting posters.they are created each year for Carnival and are lively and colorful, I choose an amazing one showcasing a street party with lots of mischief going on. I also bought a snow globe showing differing native costumes...something different. 

Now...I wait.  

While seated in the lounge, I thought to check American's website. It showed the incoming flight to be late. It should our new departure time would be one updated us. No one said anything. 

Finally an American Airline plane landed, 15 minutes before the expected arrival ( per the web). We still took off a bit late at 6:45pm. What more was to come? At least we were headed north, to the US. 

When we landed, the process of immigrations and customs was the fastest I had even experienced. I think they felt sorry for us. 

There was no one from American Airlines outside out arrival gate. There was no one outside immigration. There was no one outside customs. 

I asked a random airport worker where I should go for assistance from American. He gave me some directions and I walked there. This whole terminal was an American Airlines hub’s huge. I reached a person to ask for help. I told her what flight I was on and ask for the assistance I was promised. She had no information. She told me to go to “first class”. I had her repeat that as I didn’t understand how “first class” would be able to assist me. I was a bit upset, by now, and it reflected in my tone with her. I walked to the other end of the terminal to reach “first class’ and was told that they had no information and that I needed to go to “rebooking”. I was furious. I now felt as though no one really cared about the position that their company had put me or the rest of the displaced passengers in. 

I returned to the original person and by this time there were several other fellow passenger. I let into her and asked her to actually do something instead of just making guesses. Soon several other representatives joined and one of them. One lady asked where I was trying to reach. I explained that I already had a flight and I had a boarding pass. I just needed accommodations, food vouchers, and transport. 

I asked her to please give me a hotel that was near and that had an open restaurant as I was hungry and it was after 11pm. She assured me that the Best Western I was being sent to would be able to to satisfy me. 

I walked out of the airport doors to the shuttle waiting area. I would wait 30 minutes before the hotel’s shuttle would arrive. It was midnight by the time I reached the hotel. As I was being checked in, I asked about the restaurant. It had closed. Aarrgghh! I informed the clerk that American had sent me to their hotel as I had asked for a hotel with an open restaurant. The offered to return me to the airport for American to make other arrangements. I couldn’t believe my ears. That had to be some of the worst customer service I’d ever experienced. She told me that they had a snack bar with some drinks and a few microwaveable items. She then informed me that the meal voucher could not be used. I could buy  and then have American reimburse me. Again...such utter disregard. 

I bought a bottle of water, a yogurt and a small cup of microwave mac and cheese that you add water to. That would have to be dinner. I was so upset, hungry, and tired. I knew my morning would come quickly though so, I made my pitiful dinner and tried to sleep. 

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Snow globe of local culture - airp…
Snow globe of local culture - air…
My dinner at the Beat Western - Mi…
My dinner at the Beat Western - M…
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