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I woke up and had the complementary breakfast at the hostel. We then decided to head off to the big "castle" or mansion, Casa Loma. It was built by the Sir Henry Pellatt, whom the best I can describe was the Carnegie, Vanderbilt, or Hurst of Canada. Although he was not completely like them since his fortunate and his home (Casa Loma) paled in comparison to all the above secondary residences. He was also very unlucky. He made a lot of smart decisions; but the government always got in the way. Although, back to his house, I am sure it is a house many have you seen since it was in X-Man (think Xavier’s School for Gifted Children). It was also in many other movies, like The Tuxedo, Chicago, and The Pacifier to name a few. It really was a great house and is definitely a must see if you are ever in Toronto. There is so much history to it and Pellatt was extremely interesting.

We then decided to purchase tickets for the city bus tour, which is a great idea. It is not only a way to get around the city (for 7-days); but it is a great way to learn about the city as well. We learn things like why the same road is an Avenue one place and a Road in another and that Good Will Hunting was really filmed at the university here and that the first kiss in My Big Fat Greek Wedding was done on a pedestrian bridge here.  Can you tell I am a movie nut?

We also walked around Kensington Market that is basically a street market and a very ethnic one. There are Chinese, Vietnamese, Greeks, Islanders, Africans, Latinos, Indians, and Middle Eastern. It you like an ethic place then you will love Toronto, even if you never visit Kensington Market. I tried for the first time Chicken Feet and also tried a Durian milkshake. If you do not know what Durian is it is the famously “stinky” fruit. I thought it was good and not stinky; then again I did not have it straight.  

We then walked around part of the old town, Distillery Historical District, which is now a bunch of independent stores and kept that way (no chain stores allowed). It is also pleasant because there are still the old brick buildings and cobblestone streets.  We were also fortunate to have another festival going on here called "Party-Gras." Toronto, lets just say Canada, loves parties. I had just as much parties in Halifax last year.

Finally to top the night off we had dinner at the CN Tower, the largest structure in the world. It is a great thing to do, if you do not mind spending a lot on food. Although, if you factor in that there is no fee to go up the tower if you eat you could call it a discount.  There were four of us my uncle, the hostel owner, another guest, and myself.

It is great food, although if you ask me or the rest of the people at our table the service for was horrible; but it was probably a rarity. The food was great though, except if you ask one person; but their food probably sat around waiting for ours. This person did  say dessert  was great , which was comp-ed.

All in all it ended up being a pleasant night since as we kept saying as we were complaining about our food not being there, at least the company was great and the setting was awesome.

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photo by: yasuyo