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26, 40-50 foot, boats rafting next to each other, for a few nights.

Well I have not had constant internet in a while so I think I will just finish up Toronto in this post, even though it has been about a week since I left.

We had to stay an extra day; but unfortunately we could stay in the same hostel since it was booked. They recommended another hostel down the road, Canadiana Backpackers. It was an ok hostel; but it was much bigger and did not feel all that comfortable as the smaller hostel do. Of course, it definitely could not compare to Clarence Castle.

We spent time at the historical fort, Fort York, which for a fort was not a very big one, even if it was suppose to protect the capital of Canada during British rule.

Falls we visited and swam in
It is always interesting to see forts that talk about America as the enemy and have all their guns pointing towards the US and I learned a lot more about the War of 1812 from the other side. We also got to try some recipes that were cooked as they would have been during that time. I even brought for $0.25 a recipe for Darby cakes to try out at home.

I also walked around the large mall there, Eaton Mall. It was a mall; but I mention it because it connects to the subway and the vast underground mall, which is suppose to be the biggest according to the Guinness Book of records. I barely walked the underground portion.

I also went to a local brewery since they are many; but this is the largest, Steam Whistle Brewery. It is definitely a small brewery and a very employee friendly brewery since everything is done by hand from packing boxes, to unpacking boxes (bottle return), to inspections is all done by someone and not a machine. The founders were former employees of another brewery that was brought out and then closed, so I guess all that make sense.

Me in the dingy
They also only work an 8-hour day and leave work at the sound of a steam whistle. The big reason to go is the all you can drink beer, which is a big deal in Canada, where being an alcoholic can be expensive. :o) It is ok beer if you like a Lager; but it is no Alexander Keith's in Halifax.

The last day we went to the Art Gallery of Toronto (AGO), which was nice; but under construction so none of the permanent exhibits were. It was all sculptures. The most impressive were the Henry Moore plaster sculptures that the bronze were cast from and are now resting in selected places around the world. I also found the early millennium pieces interesting, especially those from the 500-1000 CE (AD) Byzantine Empire. They were Christian pieces; but they were pieces that could compare to what Western Europe was doing 500-600 years later.

This Florida boy, swimming in Turquoise Lake.
I personally just find that amazing and goes back to my thoughts of where were would be if it was not for the Dark Ages.

Anyways, I am now with my parents on there boat in the Georgian Bay (Lake Huron) traveling the 30,000 Islands and Northern Channel for any boaters. I probably do not expect too many people to know about these areas since they are fairly remote and are almost entirely traveled by people with boats.

I boarded the boat from Penetanguishene, ON, after a bus ride from Toronto, and am now in Little Current. I will post more about these travels later; but I probably will not be as detailed.



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26, 40-50 foot, boats rafting next…
26, 40-50 foot, boats rafting nex…
Falls we visited and swam in
Falls we visited and swam in
Me in the dingy
Me in the dingy
This Florida boy, swimming in Turq…
This Florida boy, swimming in Tur…
Our ride
Our ride
Again this Florida boy taking a di…
Again this Florida boy taking a d…
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