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Where is Hoover Dam?

    In Black Canyon on the Colorado River, about 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada.

How tall is Hoover Dam?

    It is 726.4 feet from foundation rock to the roadway on the crest of the dam. The towers and ornaments on the parapet rise 40 feet above the crest.

How much does Hoover Dam weigh?

    More than 6,600,000 tons.

What type of dam is Hoover?

    A concrete arch-gravity type, in which the water load is carried by both gravity action and horizontal arch action.

What is the maximum water pressure at the base of the dam?

    45,000 pounds per square foot.

How much concrete is in the dam?

    Three and one-quarter million cubic yards.
There are 4,360,000 cubic yards of concrete in the dam, powerplant and appurtenant works. This much concrete would build a monument 100 feet square and 2-1/2 miles high; would rise higher than the Empire State Building (which is 1,250 feet) if placed on an ordinary city block; or would pave a standard highway 16 feet wide, from San Francisco to New York City.

    The first concrete for the dam was placed on June 6, 1933, and the last concrete was placed in the dam on May 29, 1935. Approximately 160,000 cubic yards of concrete were placed in the dam per month. Peak placements were 10,462 cubic yards in one day (including some concrete placed in the intake towers and powerplant), and slightly over 275,000 cubic yards in one month.

How much cement was required?

    More than 5,000,000 barrels. The daily demand during construction of the dam was from 7,500 to 10,800 barrels. Reclamation had used only 5,862,000 barrels in its 27 years of construction activity preceding June 30, 1932.
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Panorama of lake
Panorama of lake
Hoover Dam
photo by: Sunflower300