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Hey everyone,
How are you going? I'm a little sad as this email comes as it will be my last night in Thailand on the 28th. It has been absolutely fantastic holiday here. I have just come back from the south of Thailand called Krabi.
We have had a great nature week in Khao Sok national park and Krabi. It started by staying in treehouses. They were perched at about 10m with a tree running right thru the middle of them. It had a massive ladder to get up to it. It was a bit precarious to say the least late at night. The national park is 720 square km and they made a 127 square km dam. The place we went were rafthouses. They made about 20 individual little huts and all of them were completely floating on the lake. You could wake up and walk onto your verdanah and dive right into the lake. There were also huge steep cliffs around so it was a FANTASTIC view with the the cliffs right onto the lake. We did an early morning boat ride and saw heaps of monkeys in the nearby trees. Did you know that some monkeys swim? I thought they would keep well away from the water but there is one sort that likes to swim for a change of scenery. It was a good couple days just lounging around, swimming, playing cards, eating, eating and some more eating. Good fun. I've good some brilliant pics.
After that went to a place called Krabi. It is down in a fairly thin part of Thailand so you can reach both coasts from there. I went to Phi Phi island that the tsunami devasted. There is a lot of makeshift houses made from sheets of metal and quite of construction as well. They now have signs everywhere of the tsunami evacuation route. Anyway onto a brighter subject. On an island near Phi Phi was the island that the movie "The Beach" was filmed. It would have been a enjoyable job that one finding the location. I went snorkelling and saw some cool fish including a butterfly fish. I was going to do a proper job but I didn't end up getting time. The next day I went rock climbing. I've done some indoor rock climbing in London but this was the real thing up proper cliffs overlooking the ocean. It was really great to be climbing up real rocks as there are no rules, you can do whatever you want, it's just about getting to the top. With indoor, there is only certain colour pegs you can touch, a lot more orchestrated of course. I got up all the cliffs including some overhangs which I hadn't been able to do before. Maybe the real rocks gave me extra motivation!
I came back from Krabi today to go to Bangkok for one last night here and then I fly out tomorrow morning. Oh well, I guess all things come to an end. I guess it's about time that I start working again since its been over 2 months.
Anyway, well I'll send some pics when I get back to snowing London. It's gonna be quite a change from the blistering hot weather here.
Chat later.
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photo by: forevert2