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Hey there again,
The time is really flying here. The tour officially starts tomorrow night. I thought that I would have too much time in Bangkok. From the map I didn't think that I would have enough stuff to do. However things just pop up that are not listed so the time is going quickly. I'm really enjoying being back in a bartering culture, it keeps life interesting. I think I have got some good bargains. I guess you know you have if they say no to your price and when you leave they say ok ok hehe.
I was in this park today by the river. It was so relaxing all the Thai people just lying around and enjoying the sun and breeze. It was a very non touristy place so that was great. As I was about to leave I saw them setting up some speakers. It was amazing they started playing the national anthem and everybody immediately stopped what they were doing and stood up for the song. After it was over everyone returned back to what they were doing. The Thai's sure are patriotic and love their king! There is pictures of him everywhere and people even have T-shrits that say "I love the king" or "love live our beloved king". I thought the Americans were patriotic but I think the Thais take the cake.
Anyway back to the park, after the national anthem the techno started playing and everyone got a free aerobics lessons out by the river with the lovely King Rama bridge behind us. This woman was sure fit. It has been a while since I have done much excercise so it was a energetic great work out.
On the river there are long tailed boats with car engines on the back with the drive shaft that they have just put a propellor on instead. The water sprays up over the propellor since the propellor is not very deep but despite this they cruise along pretty well. The engines have the radiators with the cooling fan just twirling right in front of them. I went on one and we had a look at all the shanties on the river with kids playing in the river. It seems like a similar culture to Oz as the houses face the river and the water is the main attraction. Not suprising though of course since it is pretty sticky here. It is only about 25 degrees but very humid even in Bangkok.
Anyway, better get off the computer. I don't think that I'll be able to write for a while. Till next time.
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photo by: Deats