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Hey everyone,

Well I've been in Thailand for one day so far and I found some free
internet so I thought that was a good chance to write to all my
favourite people!

The flight went really well and the plan even had on-demand movies and
TV so that you could fast forward, pause, rewind etc within the movie.
I've been very impressed with Thai airways. The transfer was there and
waiting and everything went well.

I was feeling a little sleepy this morning so I wasn't planning for a
big day and was thinking of spending it dozzing but I was just walking
and this tuk-tuk driver (moped kinda thing) offered to take me to 3
attractions around for only 10 baht (read nothing). The return for
that was that he was going to take me to 2 shops who give him petrol
money for bringing me in. I saw the 45m standing gold buddha, the
lucky budha that nearly was destroyed in the Burma invasion and this
temple. I had already been to all of the shops by the time I had gone
to the temple so my tuk-tuk driver decided to take off without me
(which I thought may happen). It was prob good though cause then I
went for a walk around (instead of being boring and sleeping). I went
up Golden Mountain which has a impressive view of all of Bangkok and
has a big golden shaped bell on the top of it that you can see within
Bangkok. I met this guy there that was from Korea but living in NZ. He
taught me some Thai words, we went around another attraction, dinner
together, had a Thai massage and hung out at a pub together. It was
fun! The Thai massage was so relaxing even though they are pushing
really hard. It's pretty sensual since she is crawling all over you
but she worked out my aches and pains from walking all day. Yay!

Alrighty till next time, stay cool.

This is Bangkok Dan signing off.
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photo by: Deats