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Randy left about a month earlier than we were anticipating because the date change he though went through for his ticket never did actually take place. But in the two weeks that I did get to spend with him he helped me a whole lot with tango and learning about a variety of other things that would likely bore all of you. I was totally bummed, but I am super grateful to know him. We exchanged some of our dreams about making where we live better communities, socially, ecologically, and spiritually. Who knows maybe one day we will work together on something. I offered my services pro-bono so he would be silly not to ask for my help.

I am finally got my dance schedule to my liking. I have tango everyday, whether it is a class, two classes, or three classes, a practice, and/or a milonga (where everyone goes to dance, but you are not officially practicing). On Wednesday and Friday night after tango class I go to Zouk class and on Thursdays and randomly Cawi works with me on the salsa.

I take most of my classes at night at the Tango School of Carlos Copello, which is where I started taking them before I went up North. My teachers are still there, they are still great, and they still like me. They want to move me up a level, but the teachers for that level, who are amazing, Yanina y Adrian, left on tour in Japan. So there is a little irregularity in the teachers for tango 2 so they are keeping with them, which is fine with me except it is often challenging to dance with the brand new folks. So I started to take a women’s technical class so that I can improve my posture and make sure that I can walk well because without the walk to the rest looks bad, plus the figures and the following will come easy if I have a solid foundation. I never realized how inflexible and weak my ankles were before and this will certainly help my posture outside tango as well.

I also take one of my zouk classes there and the other one on Friday I take at the Brasilian club, which after the class turns into the club and everyone is dancing Zouk, Samba de Gafriera. The men there all seem to lift a lot of weights and put on muscle T, while the women all wear really short shirts and show off their mid-sections. That is just the style, so Cawi started doing push-ups, and me well I don’t do anything cause I do not want to spend my money on new shirts that cover nothing on the verge of winter. I am not sure if I can say I really dance zouk if I do not wear this style of shirt but hopefully I can pull it off.

Nearly every Tuesday night I go to a practice called Practica X. I do not really dance much, but it is fun to watch. Randy would walk me around the floor, but now he is gone so I am not sure what will happen. Maybe Cawi will have the nerve to step out there soon. On Thursdays we go to La Viruta around 6pm for a tango class with a couple of really great teachers. Then there is salsa, where Cawi and I get down, and learn new rueda moves. Then there is a milonga class, which is a faster style of tango (not to be confused with milonga which is also the name of the gathering events), followed by another tango class. La Viruta is a happening place and can get really really crowded, too crowded sometimes, but it is worth the money. I always leave there super exhausted and hating high heels. Soon though, with what I learn in the technical class I should be lighter on my feet and able to endure fours hours on the balls of feet.

Going out just happens sort of randomly. If someone lets me know of something I will likely go.
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