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Dublin was a happening place, but it was a little depressing. Many people informed me that they do not like Dublin, but the salaries are high so they stay there. I have a theory that the reason people do not love it there is because it is so foreign to them. The people from there leave and new people fill in the gaps. But this is relatively new so, unlike in other capital cities, the new cultures have not had time to contribute and establish their culture, nor have they truly embraced Irish culture. Additionally, most of the young professionals are only there for now and are not really investing in their lives in Dublin or Dublin itself.

This became more apparent to me on my two day trip to Galway. A fast growing city to the west, that is smaller, more quaint, and happy. I had a great time in this city. There are pedestrian only streets also, but there are mostly dominated by small local business creating a diverse and unique environment. I stayed in a hostel and I remembered why I do not like staying in hostels no matter how cheap…the is always someone who snores so loud that it wakes me up every hour or so.

The second day I took a tour of the amazing Burren region, which centers around low mountains covered in millions of rocks and extends to ocean including the Cliffs of Moher. Geologists believe this area was once covered by the ocean, leaving lime stone and harder rocks distributed all over the land. When people began to settle they cleared rocks and used them to make the mortarless walls that separate their land. The cleared areas have shallow soil and are only useful for grazing cattle and sheep on the grass that now grows there. This green, that Ireland is famous for would be there if not for the rearranging of the land. This trip was a much needed rejuvenating break from the city life that I had been surrounded by my entire trip, not to mention, I connected with some amazing people, mostly older couples who are interested in my travels and concerned that I was alone.

I returned to Dublin to spend time with Lucia before we both left on our respective holidays on Wednesday. Dublin was, oddly enough, a great transition city to Spain as there are a lot, I mean a lot of Spanish people in Dublin learning English since it is much cheaper than London. But there are so many now that I wonder how much English they actually use in their everyday lives.

Dublin is certainly going through a lot of growth and changes and quickly. I saw a lot of the mistakes that we have made in the States of big box development shopping centers and strip malls dominated by parking spaces, and the over separation of land use in the new development. And ultimately creating overdependence on cars, isolation of socio-economic classes, and isolation of people from each other. Hopefully, this will reverse before it goes much further. Dublin is old and young in many ways. A very interesting place indeed.
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