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Cawi arrived here a little over two weeks ago, a dance friend of mine from Madison, after months of traveling to Guatemala and a country I will not name. I was hoping to have arrangements figured out for both the both us for the next three months as well as job by the time he got here. Unfortunately, I experienced a series of difficulties in arranging all of this due a series of hoops that foreigners and in some cases even Argentines have to go through.

Finding a place to stay as a foreigner for foreigners is no problem if you want to pay between 300 to 600 USD a month each, which of course we did not, but all of the resources I had been searching through offered just these sort of options. The other remaining options are to go through an agency, most of which want you to have a garantia, or a co-signer with a owned property in the capital that they can put up in the event that the renter does not pay the rent (this is a problem for us and argentines as well). Some place will sell you a garantia, but will not show you the list of apartments you can potentially rent until after you do, a little sketchy really. In addition, they generally want you to sign a one or two year contract. Thus, I was not really inspired to look using their services.

The last option was to go through the newspaper and try and find a place that was for offer that was not subject to these conditions. I started making calls in the barrio that we were already in and believe it or not found one the wanted exactly what we had to offer. Six month contract with all rent paid upfront and within budget (6 months in longer than 3, but Cawi is down to stay 6). So we moved on the 4th of April about a week after he arrived.

The place is empty so we went out and bought mattresses, bedding, and some things for the kitchen and bathroom. The apartment has two rooms, a living, and a bedroom. The living room is basically empty and we are going to leave it that way for a variety of reasons the main one being that we need the room to practice dancing that furniture would otherwise occupy.

Unfortunately, this was proceeded by a week of serious drama and struggle for me, but we overcame in end. Plus, this place like the two previous I lived in seems to be lacking hot water. Cawi doesn’t seem to mind, but I hate it. I have lived in three apartments in different parts of the country and have had to live at least a week in each without hot water. The worst thing about this one though is that I asked ahead of time to prevent this problem, but as luck would have it the water heater does not seem to be working. The property management was supposed to send someone over on Thursday at the latest, which was already way too late and today is Saturday and still no one has come. I am pretty peeved by this and will be taking action come Monday.

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