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So we made into the little town of Shaolinsi, the famous location of the Shaolin Monks...Kung Fu masters!!! Learning Shaolin Kung Fu represents one of the highest and sounded education in China. The pupil who finishes successfully the final examinations in a Shaolin Kung Fu school, possesses the possibility to start a carreer in the south (rich) China as a policeman, in the army or is able to work as a bodygard (in every Mc Donalds there is at least one police officer) or sing and dance at the famous Beijing opera. Shaolin Kung Fu has a higher value than studying at an university....crazy! We came with the intention of coming away quite the Kung fu experts ouselves...as we heard you can do one day classes. We firstly walked passed all the pupils training in the school yard, which was pretty cool...and the young ones looked so cute! We continued on and visited the temples, and met a monk who tried to help us work out where you can do one day classes.

He only knew of ones where you sign up for a year!! Ummmm... maybe next time??? We then went and watched a Kung fu show put on by the training pupils...man, they were amazing! The way that they could manipulate thier bodies, and the strength that they had (snapping metal over thier head!!) blew us away. Guess you will have to see it for yourself! Johnny went backstage afterwards and had some training with a couple of Monks. We watched the show again, then headed to the little villiage and had some eats and a sleep. Our plan for the following day was to get up at 3am, and trek  the surrounding mountains...but it started raining round 2am, so we missed the sunrise, but got a sleep-in instead..hehe! The next day we made our way to Zhengzhou where we caught a sleeperbus to Shanghai to meet Douggie and Mel!!! The Sleeperbus was so funny- we bought the ticket from a lady outside the bus Ticket Office (cheaper) then she took us in a taxi out of town on to the side of the highway where we waited for the bus to come by and pick us up on the way. Its a huge scam but we got the back bottom beds which worked out best for usas it was like a double bed....so we cruised along in comfort! So that brings us to Shanghai....


portia says:
Hey, I missed you by about a week! But you have much better luck watching the Kung-fu show than I did (where people standing in the aisle blocked my view). I don't know about that bus you took though...
Posted on: Jul 13, 2006
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photo by: Jess_and_Johnny