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5 o'clock beer

Our train dropped us on the wrong side of town so the four of us grabbed a taxi (luxury option Johnny and I!) and headed to West Lake, where we heard there was a good hostel. We got dropped infront of two night clubs, but noticed down the drive an obscure little sign with the hostel sign so we were at the right place. We couldnt see the lake until we were told it was only 20 meters away from the hostel -hidden by the buildings and huge fence. Yay! We grabbed a four bed dorm- which looked like it belonged in a treehouse- cool- then walked to the lakefront for sunset. We had been told the West Lake was beautiful, and it definately lived up to its reputation. Opposite on the other side were rolling hills, and the lake itself is surrounded by lush trees and vegetation- its hard to descibe- but its gorgeous.

We then headed for the food street for dinner, and brought along another fellow who was satying at the hostel- a kiwi who was the typical image of a backpacker(shaggy hair, rough clothes, unshave face, etc) and ws great fun and great company. We found a cheap restaraunt and all got beef noodle soup (1 aussie buck each!) then went outside to the market street and watched these duds shooting toy parachutes into the night sky. The boys were amused, but Mel and I started off for home! We all then headed back to the hostel for a few drinks, good times.

  We got up the next day all pumped up as we were hiring biked for the day to explore around the lake. We had to walk to another hostel in the sticks t get them, but 2 bucks for all day was worth it.

We rode to the main path which leads to a bridge, and that takes you all the way over to the other side. Mel decided to do her own thing so Johnny, Doug and I parkd the bikes and went exploring. There was a little island you could go off that, so we walked around there then rode over to the other side and had a cheap lunch o the waterfront. The whole lake was decked out with chinese tourists with thier megaphones- kinda took away the peacefullness but it was still beautiful.

 We returned the bikes, met up with Mel and headed to the train station. We had tickets booked for Guilin but didnt realise till we got to the station and getting through security that we were told we were at the wrong station. We were meant to be at the one we arrived at the day before!! A chinese lady, Linda, who was passing through saw what was happening and took us to the ticket office and got us a refund- absolute champ!! She chatted with us for a while, about what we were going to do and next thing we knoew we were following her to her train to go and stay at her house for the night!!

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5 oclock beer
5 o'clock beer
Stunning West Lake
Stunning West Lake
photo by: sophiefbs