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Woooohooo.. Ok this is my first blog thingy that I've written because Jessy O'esy is too good.. Well what to say bout Sanya.. If you've ever been to Australia's Gold Coast then you'll know exactly what it's like.. If not then I suppose its just like any beach resort in the world, its busy and its expensive but when the sun's setting, and your with a cold beer and good friends its equally beautiful and no better place to be.

Sanya is on Hainan Island and the most southern tip of China. It's at the same latitude as Hawaii so the weather is warmer than an oven and the waters a real treat if you don't mind the odd bit of rubbish or floaty! We hadn't been swimming since what seemed like years so we hit it up without a thought except for the enjoyment of floating like a marsh mallow in hot chocolate.

. Now for the real reason why we went there.. SURF.. What can be said for the place.. Sanya was TINY.. But you could hire boards.. The local of the 1 foot high beach break said that's the place to be at the time of year but in winter the east coast is better since Sanya faces South South/East.. Well dougie and I were still keen as  kids to get a decent wave like we'd seen on the net (link below) so we packed bags and headed halfway up the east coast to the place to be in winter hoping against hope, we were soon all sitting on the back of a motor bike to Shimi Bay were it turns out the waves were actually smaller than Sanya.. OOoopss.. . Well that's the joy of a surfer, the thrill of the search... The next town had some especially tasty prawns (sauce was Soya sauce, chili and lime) and coldish beers.We admitted defeat to Huye (surf god) that we weren't going to be riding anything decent and hired what we could which was a flexi booga and hit the waves.. We stood up on some tiny rollers and called an end to our surf search on Hainan.. First plane outa there...!!

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photo by: Traveller_Gin