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It's sad and nice in a way how my European trips have become a London-Paris duopoly. I need to shoulder my way through the Metro with the same zest I shoulder out of the Tube. I need to have my daily croissants and crepes the same way I need my Guiness and chips. I have to admire those manicured trees by the Seine, the same way I admire the double decker buses on Oxford St... I visit new places in every European trip, but London and Paris end up being the trip's highlights, as per!

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September 22nd, 2013Paris, France
September 23rd, 2013Paris, France
September 23rd, 2013London, England
September 24th, 2013London, England
September 25th, 2013Lincoln, England
September 25th, 2013London, England
September 26th, 2013Ely, England
September 27th, 2013York, England
September 28th, 2013London, England
September 28th, 2013Windsor, England
September 28th, 2013Berkshire, England
September 29th, 2013Rochester, England
September 29th, 2013London, England
September 30th, 2013London, England