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Gare du Nord - been here several times, I just didn't hadn't paid attention to this detail

So this is going to sound awfully bizarre for my standards. I have friends who keep teasing me that I have my 2022 calendar set up with appointments (in that, I overplan) and yet, I just decided to visit Paris and not do anything but, well, just do Paris! I thought it would be a good segway from the French part of Switzerland, and onto my numero uno London.

So here we are again, in Paris!

I took the rather long, boring and early morning train from Geneva to Paris. It clocks a little under 4 hours, and this is supposed to be the 'fastest'. What was really disappointing was the scenery along the ride. I visualised the journey to go through the heart of the wine country but all I got was dried grass and houses in shambles. Sadly, the caffeine didn't help me sleep either.

Another one...

Anyway reached Gare de l'Est and headed to the hotel which was a mighty disappointment (yes, no wonder I took no pictures and not writing a review), checked in and had crepes as brunch (well, it was technically already 2pm!). As this was a rather random unplanned stopover in Paris, I decided to do the random things, which could be visiting old favourites again - Notre Dame anyone?

But the highlight of this 2 day stopover was something I'd read about but never really experienced (well, not that I was dying for it or something) was the excellent Bird market at the Marche aux Fleurs. Read my review below.

From there, walked to Notre Dame - apparently it's some anniversary there, so they'd added a big blue display that people can walk through and see the Cathedral at a height. This structure (with the history on the walls of the makeshift elevated structure) looked awful and blocked the rather magnificent view of Paris' defining building. Spent the rest of the evening really just walking around the Latin Quarter district, it's such a lively place. It's kind of a more disorganised version of Oxford Street or Covent Garden with the smell of falafel.

And finally, ended the night with.... well what else but the Tour D'Eiffel? I mean, if I had no agenda, might as well just pack it in with all the favourite hotspots, eh?


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Gare du Nord - been here several t…
Gare du Nord - been here several …
Another one...
Another one...
Notre Dame - been here, taken that…
Notre Dame - been here, taken tha…
850 years old, amazing!
850 years old, amazing!
Notre Dame
Notre Dame
Above one of the entrances. Ive t…
Above one of the entrances. I've …
Another of my favourite shots
Another of my favourite shots
Another of the doors
Another of the doors
You just have to look at this pict…
You just have to look at this pic…
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