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Well I've arrived in New York now. I actually touched down into the airport in Newark, JERSEY ie not even NY state. I thought that I had like typed the wrong place in my flight planner or something and was freaking out a little bit. I had always seen the JFK airport shown. However I went outside and found that I could catch a bus to New York city so that was ok. It turns out it wasn't that far away after all.
On my first day I went to go visit thet World Trade Centre site. Where the Towers used to be was really massive. I guess some of what I could see were where the gardens were but still. They are going to build one building just as tall as the Twin Towers to fill the hole in the New York skyscrape. I also went and visited the Statue of Liberty. It is quite strange seeing all these sites that are really famous and that you've seen on soo many movies. The thing is that when you do actually see them, that look exactly like you expect them to. However it was cool to see the old lady. She was a gift from France in 1866 to honour the friendship between the two nations in the American Revolution when they beat the British. That's pretty funny that something that American holds as its own so much was actually a gift from someone else. Hehe.
I didn't know but Manhattan also holds the United Nations headquarters. In the gallery, they showed how they were going to fight the worlds problems however it mainly just focused on reducing STD's. I think they also mainly focused on South American countries more than anywhere else. I saw a nice purple dress that was entirely made up of CONDOMS. Ahh, it wasn't so nice looking after that.
I've also climbed the heights of the Empire State Building. I was up there at night and so got some lovely pics of the Manhattan nightscape. The wind was really blowing, we were on level 86, I could start to not feel my fingers and I gotta admit, I'm not the best one for heights. I couldn't get the image of me trying to take that perfect picture and then just my hands slipping off my nice camera and it falling to its death with everyone looking at me. Anyway, luckily it didn't happen. I didn't test fate too much though.
When I was in London, I wanted to go see the Body Exhibition. It was basically where they dissect pieces of real people to show a particular aspect ie nerves, muscles, skeleton etc. They then put the piece in a clear mold to preserve it. I can't imagine how people think that we were created from apes by chance. It showed how miraculously we were created and with soo much detail. Every cell of our body is near micrometers of a blood vesel. We just hang together soo well. It wasn't as gross as I thought it would be but after a while I did start to get a little dizzy but that was maybe just all the reading and standing up. It had cross sections of joints, pieces of the brain and had full size models as well showing where all the nerves went.
This Australian guy that had been to Canda at my last hostel was recommending I go to an ice hockey game. Well, I went and got myself a ticket today and I'll go see it in about an hour. It should be really great game. I've heard they are more violent than footy so we'll see. I can imagine it'd be hard to see the puck sometimes.
There is so many big nice cathedrals here. There are quite a few really grand cathedrals close to each other. I think that America is maybe more Christian than I gave it credit for. Everyone is really promoting the Christmas spirit. The people have been a lot nicer and open minded than I thought they'd be. Here in NY unlike London, people will actually help you if you're lost. I've even been looking at my map sometimes and someone just comes over. I was suspicous at first but they didn't want anything. Very suprising!

Overall New York is a great place and might be a place I'll live someday!
pinchora says:
glad you liked the's one of my favorite places to hang out!!!
Posted on: Jul 25, 2007
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New York
photo by: herman_munster