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A typical conversation before I went was usually like:-

Friend: 'Why are you going there?'

Me: 'Lots of people rave about it and none moan about it.'

Friend: 'Yes - but what is there?'

Me: 'Tell you when I get back.'

Friend: 'What do they eat there?'

Me: 'Food, I believe.'

Friend: 'Are you going to eat local food?'

Me: 'I've never eaten Polish food in France or Italy and I don't plan on the reverse. Not beetroot though - it's about the one food I hate.'

Friend: 'Apart from that don't they just eat dumplings and stews?'

Me:'Sounds OK to me if they have tasty stuff in them.'

Friend: 'I hope it all comes up to your expectations.'

Me: 'So do I. There will be some people in deep trouble if it doesn't.'

Nobody is in deep trouble. It exceded my expectations. Having spent a night at my son's house, I flew from Leeds/Bradford airport at a reasonable hour and landed early afternoon. I easily found the service bus into the city. Then I was rooked for the only time on the break, when charged an absurd £20ish for a short taxi ride. I knew it was far too much but had no idea what it should be. In some countries I should have argued the toss but I have four words only of Polish for 'yes, no, please and total' so I paid!

I knew I was staying close to the Market Square and slipped out from my accommodation to take a quick look. The briefest initial view convinced me that I was in one of Europe's top historic cities, a view I found no reason to change during my short stay. I'll leave details and photos to the following morning in my next entry.

I returned for a shower and a rest and later went to eat at a place I had determined from my DK guide. It was really good but for the remaining four nights I reverted to my normal custom of finding my own by looking around.

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Congrats on being featured!
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