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Where to start?!!  I guess the plane trip is as good as any - it was a killer, but better than travelling by boat i'm sure.  Had a one hour stopover in Hong Kong, great to stretch the legs.  Touched down at Heathrow slightly early, but had to wait on the tarmac for a good half an hour as there was 'debris' on a runway, so a backlog of planes were waiting to sidle up to a gate.  I got rather worried as the passenger sitting next to me was telling me there had been huge delays with receiving baggage (ie. 1-2weeks!) at the particular terminal we were arriving in.  This was due to increased security because of those failed terror attacks a few weeks back.  Welcome to London!  However, despite my concern, my bags were received intact and on time.

My friend Alex was lovely to meet me at the airport.  She is looking very well, and very pregnant!  Tammy met us at a train staion on the way back to Alex's... a big surprise indeed!  Was lovely catching up with them both, despite feeling very tired and somewhat disorientated.

Spent the last couple of days wandering around and tackling the tube in London.  On Wednesday, saw such sites as the Thames, London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, 10 Downing St, St Jame's Park, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square.  10 Downing St was a bit ridiculous - all you could see were wrought iron gates and lots of security.  I guess it was a little bit much to expect to be able to walk up to the prime minister's residence and knock on the door!  St Jame's Park was lovely.  I was beginning to think how cool London was when i saw some comfy looking deck chairs on the grass.  I sat down in one to relax for a moment before i was rudely interrupted my a guy asking for my 'ticket.'  so, apparently you have to pay to sit in a deck chair on the grass... hmmm!  Buckingham Palace wasn't that exciting.  The most interesting part was the guards who would occasional stamp their feet, reposition their guns and march around.  I figured this was more to keep them amused or to prevent varicose veins, rather than to 'guard' the palace!

Yesterday I revisited Trafalgar Square, entered the National Gallery and met up with an optometry buddy who showed me the ropes in Cambden.  Also wandered past London Bridge and the Tower of London.  Did a couple of 'must dos' as well - drank guinness and had indian for dinner.  Both were rather delightful i must admit :)

Well that is it for now.  The weather is rather miserable today, so I'm going to hit the museums!  Hope everyone is well.  Be sure to keep in touch as i'd love to know how you're all going! 

chantheman07 says:
"rather" miserable?? You're such a pom! Take it you went to Brick Lane for your curry? Nice one.
Posted on: Jul 22, 2007
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