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After the second night of camping as I was talking about in the last entry, we had to try and squeeze in a good 12-13 hours driving to make up for lost time. We crossed the Tibetan border (also one of the highest points we hit, around 5200m), but didnt make it far enough before it started to get dark. So while we were due to camp again on this night, it wasnt really possible so we checked into what was easily the worst hotel of the trip! It was just in some random tibetan town...holes in the sheets, blood on the walls, that kind of thing. But it was dry! After 2 nights of camping in thunder storms and having everything get wet I was already a bit fed up of camping (soft I know).

So then we set off for Lake Namtso, highest lake in the world. A few hours into the journey, in the middle of nowhere, Archie broke down again. So we set up and had lunch by the side of the road while Vanessa (our Chinese guide) hitchhiked to the nearest town (about an hour away) to get a tow truck for Archie, and arrange for a couple of mini-buses to take the rest of us to Namtso, and onto Lhasa after that where hopefully we would find Archie, Riki and Vanessa waiting for us! We stopped off in the minibus drivers home town so they could pick up whatever stuff they needed and set off again. Obviously lost time was starting to become a bit of an issue with peoples flights already booked out of Kathmandu.

I remember the drive up to Namtso being one of the best we had (so I guess thatd make it one of the best drives Ive EVER had). The landscape was just epic! Hard to describe. The clouds were so dark and stormy but the ground still seemed to be sunlit. And it felt huge! I was messing around on my mp3 player trying to find some good music to go with the view, and ended up settling on Cult of Luna which suited it obviously that wont mean much to most people but if you do then maybe you can get an idea what it felt like driving through this area!

Namtso itself was pretty good too. It was pretty much dark when we arrived and checked into our accomodation (some sort of tibetan guesthouse), so we really had to wait until the next day to see the lake, and cross our fingers the weather was decent. Me and Vikash decided to try and get up early, around 5, and get some photos at dawn (pretty unlike me I know). But it was totally pointless! Yeh it was completely foggy. So I went back to bed for a few hours and woke up to find the weather had almost completely cleared up! Pfft whats the point in getting up early eh?! (I did try the whole waking up earlier than you have to thing one more time, a bit later on this trip...second time it really paid off!). So I went off to walk a little way around the lake, bumped into a few of the others and walked with them, and the morning/early afternoon was spent like this. And that was it for Namtso...and then straight onto Lhasa, and 4 nights in what felt like luxury accomodation!

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Lake Namtso