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Ok so Ive arrived in india now, currently in Varanasi, considered the holiest city in India by Hindus...and its a truly crazy place. Ive only been in the country 48 hours and already a lots happened and ive met some strange characters...but if I dont write about the other stuff now I never will! So...

After Xi'an we headed to Ping Lian, a medium sized town whose main attraction is a day trip to Kong Tong Shan, A holy Taoist mountain. I remember on the way there, there was a big traffic jam, and being really entertained by all the Chinese drivers in the oncoming traffic. I think the slightly weird looking Dragoman truck (it's big, mainly bright orange and ours had a big goat skull on the front) caught their attention first, then when they saw it was full of foreigners just got over excited and would wake up their co-drivers pointing,waving and looking really amused. One of our drivers told me that up front they sometimes see even better (and pretty frightened!) reactions from the oncoming traffic as they see the person where the driver would normally be with their feet up fast asleep...obviously they dont see many foreign vehicles!

So yeh not too much to say about Kong Tong Shan, its a mountain with decent views and some atmospheric temples, this was before we were all templed out so everyone enjoyed it loads I think. And it rained. Actually it really really rained! It was a special day for the Taoists as it was the thunder gods birthday I think, or something to do with the thunder god. The monks held a special ceremony for him at around 1 oclock, then literally the second this ceremony finished it started to rain...then about half an hour after it was thundering. I reckon they mustve been feeling pretty pleased with their days work!

Back in Ping Lian there was another good example of Chinese police having too much time on their hands. I wasnt there but ive heard the story a few roommate Vikash was in an internet cafe just checking emails and stuff when he found himself surrounded by police saying 'please come with us sir.' They asked to see his passport which he didnt have, so checked his drivers license on the spot (a bit confused that he said he was English when his drivers license says UK) then insisted they get in the police car (unmarked police car!) so they could take him to our hotel to check his passport. Luckily they were telling the truth and they ended up at the hotel where it was resolved pretty quickly. But a pretty strange incident I think!?

Then it was off to Lanzhou, supposedly the most polluted city in China. Just a stopover really nothing too interesting happening here. Just a great korean barbecue restaurant, plenty of beer, and karaoke!

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photo by: portia