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After all the sign up procedures everyone got back to just chilling out, have some wine, a beer, whatever. It was like a celebration of being at a manageable altitude again, and we actually had decent amounts of oxygen again. Someone had been saying that when you come back down from extreme altitude you can handle your drink so much better. We were all sloshed by 7pm.

Yeh by dinner time anyone who was happy to head down that road was already drunk. By 9pm everyone had fetched their mp3 players and we'd taken control of the PA in the little bar/restaurant (we were the only ones in the resort by the way). So most people were dancing their asses off, but even the others were at least present and having a good time sitting on the cushions chatting. So a few classic tunes were coming out, though hardly any of them reached the end of the song. It was always 'WAIT WAIT WAIT...Ive just thought of an even BETTER song!'.

And even to this day as I look back im grateful I wasnt in the morning session for the Canyoning! Theres no way I wouldve made it. So I turned up for the afternoon session feeling quite delicate but it was loads of fun. We had to walk a little way through some of the local villages to get to the top of the stream (these people must think all westerners love wearing wet suits, helmets and harnesses). The next few hours was all about scrambling down the stream and abseiling down waterfalls. Good fun, and pretty easy after about 10 minutes. I dont need to mention the 2nd night was A LOT more chilled out than the previous one! I slept well that night, though all my dreams ended in bungee jumps.

Yeh so next day was Jumping Day! There were about 10 people doing at least one of the jumps (bungee or canyon swing). No-one had done it before...the ones who had done it before emphatically opted out this time! So everyone was nervous and preparing themselves. We had to wait a bit longer than planned because of rain, but the time did come! So we walked out onto the bridge with the others watching/filming from the viewing points on either side. First was the canyon swing, the longest rope swing in the world. Its around 140m long, you swing through the canyon Tarzan style, but at the beginning theres a 6-7 second freefall (even bungee is only 2 seconds full on freefall). It was hard to watch the first person jump, but it was obvious the best thing is just not to think. And it was awesome! I was pretty pumped up at the end, and the adrenaline definately helped on the long climb back to the top.

Then bungee. Its the third highest bungee in the world and apparently higher than any in New Zealand. Same again, it was really hard to watch the first jump. Vanessa (our Chinese translator, on holiday by this point in the trip) went first and took what seemed like ages before very calmly deciding to jump. Carmen went second and also took ages, and eventually just sort of fell off in the middle of a 'should I, shouldnt I?' moment. They were going from lightest to heaviest so I was straight after the girls. And again it was obvious taking your time and thinking is not the way to go, so I went quickly, and again it was awesome.

I decided to do both jumps again. Third jump is half price, fourth is free! sweet. We headed back inside took around half hour for drinks break and 4 of us headed back out to do both again. It was slightly different second time round...this time on the bungee all 4 of us went backwards. And for the swing 2 of us decided to go 'superman style'. This means instead of attaching the rope near your stomach, where you can also hold it with your hands for a tiny bit of extra piece of mind, you have it attached to the middle of your back, and do a belly flop down like a sky dive before eventually coming superman. This was terrifying! Your arms and legs are completely free and you can see the instructor holding your chord next to you, so it really just feels like you arent attached to anything at all. And the 6 second freefall this time, before I could confirm I definately was attached, was easily the scariest time of the day!

Next day it was time to leave Last Resort. The non rafters went straight to Kathmandu, the rafters (which was about 90% of us) took a 1 hour bus to the start point. There was about a one hour induction, again most of us hadnt done it before (although we had one guy on the trip whose job is rafting guide). We rafted 40km down the river (im told they were high level 3 to low level 4...which I think means intermediate) before taking the bus the rest of the way to Kathmandu. I cant say ill be too fussed if I never go rafting again! The trouble is its pretty hard work. I wouldve been happy drifting down the river but every time our guide shouted 'FORWARD FORWARD FORWARD!' I wasnt too happy! Still it was good fun, I had one of the front seats which im told is the most exciting place to be. But I think I just preferred the effortless adrenaline rush of the jumps the day before.

We made it to Kathmandu, the last official night of the trip, with the first person due to leave the very next day. Some of us went to an awesome steak/burger/fajita restaurant (It was even awesome by western standards) then everyone met for the official goodbye drinks. I say official as it was the last night everyone was there...pretty much every day for the next 10 days was someone's leaving do.

StuartofEdwardSt says:
I've only just got back to read this. Terrific description of a rare experience - I didn;t realise you went back up for another two jumps, although I remember you tellling me about the supaerman jump. I guess I'm just piecing it all together now.

I've told several friends about your Cult of Luna landscape on the way up to Namtso. Having listend to hte music, I think that was a great description. It makes me think of the giants in the mountains in The Silver Chair (CS Lewis).
Posted on: Oct 26, 2009
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