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After several months in Singapore and barely leaving the country, I was forced to consume all my remaining 2009 vacation credits. I used it up together with chinese new year holiday, I had 16 days of vacation!

With nothing on my mind but to go home, I spent most of my leaves in Mindoro. Days were fast and the time I spent there was spent with family and friends, going to the beach and exploring one island that I had been setting my plans of going for several years already. I heard of Inasakan from a friend and he had nothing but good things about this place, about the powdery white sand, the isolation of the place. I had few attempts to go there before but things didn't work out before due to weather or time constraint.
But now, I went there even I had to go there alone.

From www.ironwulf.net, he described the place as - "Forget about Boracay for now and its crowded beach. This beach known as Inasakan Beach may only have a small stretch of powdery white sand, but I’ll exchange its quiet solitude for the former famed beach anytime." I totally agree.

This paradise is part of Ilin Island, an island just off the coast of San Jose, Mindoro. This beach is located at the western side of the island, facing Ambulong Island and South China Sea. Inasakan Beach was used to be the Mina de Oro Beach Resort, but operations has been halted. Still, there are cottages and facilities there for a day’s stay.
This beach is also known as the jump off to other sites in Ilin. There are burial caves and interesting snorkeling

On this beach, there was no rowdy crowd except for the few locals trying to live a life while totally curious in a shy way with the visitors. The fine powder white sands are I expected, plus the panoramic view of Ambulong Island on the horizon. The tamed shallow shores with crystal clear waters, just perfect for families with kids is what Inasakan Beach could offer. One funny thing was, there was a fruit bat which drank the coconut wine the locals are fermenting, and at noon time, this nocturnal clown was just flying about and like a drunk man, to no direction. That brought laughters to the locals and visitors. Funny flying rat I would say. :)

Inasakan Beach can be reached by a boat about an hour on calm waters, early morning departure is advised.
I rented a boat from Caminauit for 1,500 pesos. It was not a huge boat, it was just big enough for 10 people. I was accompanied by my childhood friend and the boat owner for this trip. My dad prepared by food and I brought a bottle of wine. That would be good enough for my daytrip to paradise. Upon reaching the beach, there’s an entrance fee of P10 per head and a cottage can be rented for P350. There are no dining facilities there so its best to bring your own meals and drinking water. By the way since I am a local, I know people where to rent the boat, For tourist, trips to Inasakan can also be arranged through resorts in San Jose.

I wanted to go to the other island for the Turle farm in Ambulong but the wave was getting too strong for the mid-sized boat. So I just discarded the idea of going there. Maybe next time...yeah, next time.

Anyway, after my sober and not sober days in Mindoro, I again left. My 2nd niece celebrated her birthday and it was one of those things that made me realized how remote I am from the people that matters to me. Singapore can provide me peace and stability, but home is where my happiness. Home is home.

Came the hardest part, I was leaving again with heavy heart and with much memory to just get by while I am away.
ellekape says:
home is home :)
Posted on: Mar 19, 2010
sylviandavid says:
This was an enchanting and emotional read. Loved the area you went to .... and love that you adore your family and your Mindoro..... I enjoyed this. sylvia
Posted on: Mar 18, 2010
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