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Boston is such an awesome city.  The biggest disappointment was that we only had three days there and shared a car so I couldn't really do as much as I would have liked.  We did, however, have an interesting adventure that I am reposting from my myspace blog:

So last week Ken, Kathleen and I went to dinner in downtown Boston. We took the train to Haymarket Square. Had dinner at the Union Oyster House. By the time work was done, and we finally made it downtown, there sadly wasn't enough time to do any of the typical Boston tourist stuff we wanted. Fortunately dinner was great. 

So back on the train to the hotel.  I was pretty sure we go on at the North Bicillera station, but there was some question as to perhaps it was Lowell.  Duh, we neglected to realize until it was too late that it had to be North Bicillera, since Lowell was the last stop, and I thought for a split second as we crossed the tracks to get on the train, that I might get run over by the approaching train.  Logic would have told us.......

Well, since our logic failed us, we approached what should have been the stop we were to get off the train at, and we realized, hmm, i think this might be our stop.......  Ken is looking out the window trying to figure out if he sees our car in the parking lot.  Alot of good it did us, as he realizes, yup, there's our car the train is rolling on down towards Lowell.  Long story short, this is the last train, there's no other trains going back this way until tomorrow.  All we can do is get off in Lowell and get a cab. 

One Seinfeld episode later, we finally get in the cab.  I didn't quite want to, a big dark car with no identifying logos or markings telling me yes, this is the cab we called.  No ID, no cab type radios.  Very weird.  We along with another lone stranger got in the cab and our adventure continued.  Apparently our ride along thought we were taking a tour of Lowell Mass, and joined along for the fun of it.  Eventually, with a little help from out of towners, we were able to guide our cab driver to her home and she went on her way.  We continued our tour down a long, dark, winding road, complete with a huge cemetery on either side of the road.  About this time we started wondering if our hides were soon to become leather coats to keep our cabbie warm for the rest of the winter. 

We saw interesting road signs, something about settled areas and duh, don't we have those where we come from, after all we wouldn't want to run over any pedestrians!  We also heard stories of deer running right in front of cabbie's eyeballs, oh about two years ago.  I think cabbie did too many mushrooms back in the day.

Well, now a Seinfeld AND a Twighlight Zone episode later, we finally made it to the train station.  I was only kidding when I said to Ken and Kathy earlier wouldn't it suck if we got back and our car wasn't there............. Oh, thank God cabbie only took us to the opposite parking lot.

We made it back to our hotel still laughing after hours of madness with a great story to tell.  A year from now we'll be saying, remember that time in Boston when we missed the train............"

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photo by: bubu932