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Team on Liat airplane from San Juan to Saint Vincent (R to L: Shae'Von, Danielle, Me, and Melissa in front).
Finally, at around 8:00pm, the shuttles arrived at the globe ready to take the team to LAX. Filled with excitement and anticipation we piled in and zipped down the highway to the airport. The mission began there for me when I ended up sitting next to the 15-passenger van driver. I learned about his previous occupation, how he ended up driving buses and we talked about our faiths.

Passports, ID, money, liquids in 4 oz containers or less, shoes off, etc. this was the beginning of our 10 hour journey. Once we arrived at LAX (which I had never been to before), we checked our bags and went through customs. Our wait for the plane was two hours.  When we finally took off, it was 1:05 am on the 8th of June. For two hours we flew forward in time into Atlanta, GA.
Before we left San Juan.
On this stretch of the trip I sat next to the window and ended up sleeping most of the time. This was by far the nicest plane we rode on going and coming from Saint Vincent. It had individual tv's for each of the seats and a radio set-up on the arm-rests.

From GA, we took-off for San Juan, Puerto Rico. Landing here, we noticed the smallness of the airport. In the waiting area there were only chairs on the parameters. It was during our wait here, that we started our first team sport: Orange-spikey-ball keep-away. D-Unit had brought it to pass the time, and we turned it into a game since we were all tired of sitting! Some of us tried to be baseball pitchers, others fakers, some fumblers ( :)), all of us competers. This game entertained us for a good 1/2 hour until our flight was supposed to take-off. Next stop was Saint Vincent our final destination and we were excited even though the plane was tiny (seating barely 45 people) and we were going to fly over a lot of water. Before we embark though, I should point out that here in Puerto Rico was the first place I noticed a difference from the States. Unlike all public restrooms in the states, these had no toilet-seat covers. Yeah, I know a silly thing to note, but it was true.

On the Liat flight to SVG(Saint VIncent and the Grenadines), the flight attendent sprayed an aerosol in the compartment. Do de doot de doo we flew and flew until we reached the island and landed in the tinsy tiny E.T. Liat Airport in Kingstown, SVG. When we first arrived it looked like it would rain, but it felt sooo sticky. The humidity in SVG is 10x worse than in San Diego. Shae-shae, my black friend on the team, asked me if I was warm like toast in the humidity and I honestly responded, "No, I feel more damp and sweaty like a wilted leaf!"

The luggage is not here. This was the first news we received on SVG. All of us were bummed, but some were extra bummed having not brought any change of clothes with them. I fortunately had brought an entire new set of clothes with me in my carry-on. After learning this dis-heartening news, we trooped over to Sunshine Supermarket to purchase some toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, and food for breakfast the next day. From  here we piled into Andrew's bus to drive to our lodgings.

The best way to describe driving in SVG is, "Bumpy" we clattered and swerved, jostled and jounced our way down to the Sky Blue Beach Apartments. Once here we each moved in what belongings we had carried-on with us and prepared for dinner which was at a Church member's house.

Dinner was served at around 8:00-8:15pm. It started with Calaloo soup served in a cup. (the batch we ate had EXTRA pepper! yikes!) Next, we moved on to breadfruit salad, potato salad, chicken, mutton, beef, salad, bread, and lime-squash. For our first dinner in SVG it was sumptuous and filling. The gathering was composed of Southern Baptist Convention members and Pastors and a few family members. On this night, I met John Cambridge, a lay-person from Glen Baptist Church. He is an older man and so sweet. We ended up talking most of the night and he told me how he met his wife through mail, how he has lived on SVG his whole life, and how the islanders love their island. I told him that I was excited to try the tropical fruit on the island such as mango, five-finger fruit, rose-plums, and bread-fruit. That wrapped-up the first day on SV Island.

Before we bedded down, we debriefed about the day and the coming day and who was going to make breakfast. Shae-shae and I ended up being the kitchen crew the first night. Finally, we all settled in to sleep.
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Team on Liat airplane from San Jua…
Team on Liat airplane from San Ju…
Before we left San Juan.
Before we left San Juan.
photo by: hoofinnit