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Indian Bay
Today began for Shae-Shae and I with making breakfast for our team. This consisted of lemonade, toast and jelly, eggs, and other odds and ends. (These were to become the standard breakfast staples of our trip.) :) Shae-Shae, Joel, and Kirk were off early in the morning to speak on a radio broadcast. The rest of us were left at the Sky Blue Beach Apartments to explore and rest.

Most all of us headed down to the Indian Bay. This beach was 5 minutes (walking) from our apartments and we frequented its waters during our entire trip. :) There are two islands in the near vicinity: one has a white cross on it which is the marker of a Vincentian grave; another is a rocky spit of land which is very hard to reach if wading.

We all desperately wanted to go to the rocky island and since our luggage was still in San Juan, we decided to roll-up our pants and wade across.
Indian Bay White Cross Island
(What we didn't know was that the water covered slippery, sharp rocks making a short distance seem interminable when staying dry!) But, all of us did succeed in reaching the treacherous island.

After a good deal of time on the beach, exploring and what-not, we all headed back to the apartments(aka home) and most of us took naps, read our Bibles, or played a game of Phase 10. Pastor Richards had told us that morning, that today was going to be our easiest day. :) Although none of us wanted to admit it, we were exhausted from travelling and the excitement of arriving at SVG, so it was wise to have a recharge right off.

For this night, we again loaded into the bus for dinner. At this time, our company added the "wise guys," as we eventually dubbed the other team from America, to our group.
Treacherous rocks leading to the spit of rocky land in Indian Bay.
The people in this group were older than us and only going to stay for a week and a half. Don Overstreet(my leader's dad), Gary and Betty Overstreet (my leader's brother and sister-in-law), David Medina (pastor of The Branch church), Bill and Cozette Gibson (husband and wife team), and Ron and Rhonda (hus and wife team ministry in LA) were the members of the wise guys team. Ashley Overstreet (my leader's younger sister) also joined us tonight, but she ended-up staying with our team until we left on June 27th. :) SO, we piled into the bus to go to another church and have a scrumptious dinner.

Just a side note, our first bus-driver was Andrew, but then for a while Kevin covered for Andrew the first couple of days. :) Such cool guys. Their jobs are busing people around SVG. (Cool job, no?). 

So, tonight I bumped into John Cambridge, (the guy from the first night who had talked with me about tropical fruit and such.
Silly teammates trying to cross over to the rocky island w/out getting wet!
) And he had a huge bag-full of mangoes! I was so encouraged by his simple act of friendliness it was awesome.

One thing which we had been warned of, and which we experienced as well, was "island time"! : ) Pastor Richards had told us that we would be able to have a tour of the island today and a taxi would pick us up at 2:15 p m but no taxi came and then at 6:15 we left for dinner a full 45mins later than they said. :) heh. well I guess we fast-paced Americans can learn something from the Vincentians' Island Time. :)

Well, good night for now. :)
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Indian Bay
Indian Bay
Indian Bay White Cross Island
Indian Bay White Cross Island
Treacherous rocks leading to the s…
Treacherous rocks leading to the …
Silly teammates trying to cross ov…
Silly teammates trying to cross o…
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