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Loaded on the bus.

Well, today we woke up early and dressed in our Sunday best so that we could be assistants to the speakers at the Southern Baptist Conference. Not knowing what to expect and unprepared for the situation we were walking into, we piled into the bus with the elders and careened towards our destination. Each of us worked in a different workshop; I had Time Management, Shae'Shae and Danielle worked in children's ministry, Jen worked in the Alter Call, Jon and Kirk had the youth ministry. The others also helped the speakers in their specific classes but, I can't remember what other classes there were. 

I had a blast helping Gary Overstreet(Don Overstreet's brother). The problematic issue which kept recurring though, was island time, or relationship time(if you will).

The boys school where the Conference was held.
The people of Saint Vincent are very family oriented people and friendly as well. When they see a relative or friend in the market, it is easy to become involved in long conversations. We gave all the tips we could think of such as keeping a calendar, making lists, setting deadlines, and setting boundaries (being able to say "no" to people). Although, our class tended to seem at times pointless. I felt that I really had a great peek into the life of the individuals of SVG who have lived on the island all their life. 

Our leaders told us before we interacted much with the Vincentian people, that they are used to having white people sort of, look down on them (i guess) and so to be intentional about approaching THEM and not acting distant.

Gary Overstreet and I in our classroom for Time Management.
This was probably the toughest thing to do because, for me at least, being on an island which has many things on it that are strange to me, is not exactly a situation in which it would be easy to extrovert myself.

After the Conference, we returned to Sky Blue Beach Apartments and I went to the beach with a few teammates. While swimming, my teammate, Joel, befriended a seemingly lone child who was swimming as well.  His name is Prince, and I also chatted with him and talked to him. Anyway, while I was wading around I cut myself and got out of the water to clean my cut and put neosporin into it. So, while I was doing this Prince was just watching me do it and then he suddenly asked me to look at his foot. His foot was sporting a deep gash on the end of his big toe, and a nickel sized 1/2 inch deep wound on his ankle.

Prince and I after I gave him neosporin.

You guessed it, that was a major culture shock to me. But what hit me worse than his condition, was the fact that it was probably a simple case of diabetes which is only dangerous when uncared for. Later during our trip I discovered that his parents smoke cocaine and do not care for him. I talked to the Doctor at KBC about helping him, and he said he could be cared for if he was brought to the hospital, but I still do not know if he has been brought to the hospital yet. 

For dinner tonight, we went to a local pizza place and had yummy pizza and juice out of bottles. All the bottles in SVG are glass and washed and recycled until they break. I bought a can opener in memory of this part of SVG.

At the end of this night, I was supposed to move in with Ashley Overstreet upstairs, but I had an emotional breakdown over Prince right before I moved up, and my wonderful teammates, Jen and Melissa helped me get through the tough things I was feeling.

Late into the rest of the night I spent time talking with Ashley, as well, about everything and calming myself down.  All-around, it was a fulfilling day. I learned a lot about myself and the people of SVG and set myself to pursue even harder the career of nursing.

Well, I better get to bed now. Peace.

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Loaded on the bus.
Loaded on the bus.
The boys school where the Conferen…
The boys school where the Confere…
Gary Overstreet and I in our class…
Gary Overstreet and I in our clas…
Prince and I after I gave him neos…
Prince and I after I gave him neo…
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