Neushwanstein very hungover.

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We got to bed at like 4am and had to be awake at 7 to get to our tour on time, needless to say we were a little bit tired. We woke up and tried to get ready as quiet as we could, but we were making noise. One of our roommates from Toronto woke up and told us to keep it down as her friends get cranky if they are woken up..this was around 8am. If you don't like to be woken up in the morning pretty much just don't stay in a dorm room. Stupid girls. Anywho, we got to the train station with time to spare and headed to the castle. It took a couple hours but we got there. We walked around the base area before taking the bus up the hill. We walked to the bridge for some unreal views of the castle. We took a lot of pictures and then headed to go in the castle for our tour time. Turns out the tour was only half an hour, I was a bit disappointed with that, but the castle was still gorgeous. We walked down a path to some waterfalls and walked back to the bus stop for the ride home again. That night we met one of our highschool friends at Wombats for a drink before going back to bed. We were off to Berlin the next day and didn't want to be tooo hungover again.

city rating number 8

1.5/2 Hostel
2/2 People
2/2 Nightlife
2/2 Sites
1/2 Weather
+2 BONUS for bumping into people from THSS and the girls from London
+1 BONUS for Billy and Melissa!(Lori if you're reading this we didn't give that a bonus before but I think it deserves one! lol)
Total 10/10

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the lake near the castle
the lake near the castle
Im pretty sure I was supposed to …
I'm pretty sure I was supposed to…
the waterfall
the waterfall
photo by: AleksandraEa