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Approaches to Mt Fox Volcano.

As our earlier SWIT Guide Eco Adventure Tours proved to be such positive experiences, my children and I decided to book another two trips during our School Holidays.  The first destination was the Mt. Fox Volcano.

The weather was quite cool and heavily overcast, with intermittent fine misting precipitation.  Rather than 'putting a dampener' on the occasion, I considered that our exposure to the elements actually heightened our awareness.  For example the presence of rich volcanic soil and bright reddish-orange coloured puddles.

During the planning of our tour, Otto suggested that it would be beneficial to engage mountain bike cycling on the inbound journey from the Mt. Fox State School to the base of the volcano.  In doing so we could warm up, being able to cope with the challenging hiking ascent to the crater.  The rain was very light and the bike helmet visors were unable to shelter our eyewear.

The SWIT Guide Website contained two pieces of information which I found particularly essential for the Volcano Hike:

*  Backpacks enable your 'hands to be free'.

* The importance of shoes with substantial tread and ankle support.

While hiking up Mt. Fox we were unable to see the entire volcano as it was partially shrouded in mist.  When we reached the top we walked through the crater.  I found this rather fascinating as I had been expecting to see a large hole in the ground.  As it turned out following the eruption, the lava had cooled, contracted and fractured, subsiding, developing soil over time and is now covered with grass and shrub like trees.  It was at this point that my daughter lying in the grass discovered burrs attached to her woollen garments!  With Otto's assistance we noted the rim depression where the lava flowed from the crater.  He also drew our attention to some basalt specimens and textures.  The descent of the volcano involved some 'slipping and sliding!'

We rode our mountain bikes down the Mt. Fox Range.  This was a relatively effortless activity as it was predominantly downhill.  For safety's sake it was necessary to employ good braking skills, be observant of the road ahead and remain conscious of wet slippery road surfaces.

This was our third downhill bike ride, having already ridden down Paluma Range and Wallaman Falls Range.  We feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to ride down all three ranges.  We are possibly the world's first family to have done so!  Depending on what the future brings we may even improve on this record!

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Approaches to Mt Fox Volcano.
Approaches to Mt Fox Volcano.
photo by: regtheveg