The Simpsons Movie and The Birthday Party

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I forgot to mention in my last entry that Friday I also saw The Simpsons Movie - in Spanish. It's very popular in Chile to watch a CAM version of a movie (someone videotapes the movie in a theater and puts it online) instead of going to the theater. The problem is that sound quality is terrible, so even the native speakers don't understand eveything, much less los extranjeros. While I enjoyed the movie, I think I'll stick with going to the theaters from now on.

Yesterday was my host sister's birthday, so of course there was a party in the house. Unfortunately, no one mentioned to me that it was occuring. First the older sister arrived from Santiago - surprise! Then all the groceries came and suddenly 4 women were cooking furiously in the kitchen. I went to watched and learned a lot about Chile, mostly that like in the US, it's always the women cooking while the men sit on couches and drink beer :-). Much to my surprise, within 2 hours of the cooking starting there were 30 people in the house! In the end if was fun like all carretes here. Once again I answered the same 3 questions as always: where I'm from, what I'm studying, why Chile/do I like Chile? I did have one really good conversation with a guy who's still in high school, but he wants to study in the US, so he knows a ton about the country and culture. Finally, the last guests left at 4:30 am, and after cleaning up most of the stuff we got to bed around 5. My favorite part of the party was that because there were so many people in the house it was warm! I wasn't cold for the first time since I've been here!
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