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the ocean!
I left Concepción early Friday morning and got to Pichilemu around 4 after a fun bus trip. The bus from Concepción dropped me off on the side of the highway in San Fernando, and then I had to walk a kilometer to the bus terminal to catch my bus to Pichilemu. Once I got to Pichilemu the weekend was great. I met up with a girl that is studying in Santiago (I met her and about 12 other students from her university in the states when I was staying in Pucón). We decided to meet for a long weekend in Pichilemu. When I got to Pichilemu she had already gotten a cabaña for us to stay in (!), so I didn't have to search after all my traveling, which was nice.
If you look carefully you can see all the surfers in the water.

That first evening we just walked around a bit. It was a beautifully sunny day, so the evening was warm. There's a Parque Ross in Pichilemu that I'm sure is very attractive once a few more trees have leafed out, and the city itself is clean and welcoming. Around 7, after buying groceries, we walked down to the beach and saw the end of the sunset. It was very peaceful until a wave caught me wandering too close to the water's edge.

Saturday we chilled and hung out at the beach. It was cloudy unfortunately, but we still sat on the sand (which is really dark in Chile) for a few hours. There were about 20 surfers out all day Saturday, and it was fun to watch them. We also hit up the local market to see what they were selling (fruits and vegetables, jeans, used tennis shoes, the usual) and perused a few souvenir shops.
another bus window view
In the evening we decided to just stay in and watch movies as it was still cloudy and cold.

Sunday we went to Playa Hermosa and explored a little more of the city, and then I caught a bus to San Fernando at 12:30. To get back to Concepción I ended up walking another kilometer back to the highway (opposite of when I got to San Fernando) and waited about an hour to flag down a bus that was going to Chillán. From Chillán I got back to Concepción around 9:30. I like that bus travel is cheap, but I have to say that it is very time consuming. I do enjoy seeing all of the countryside while traveling by bus; however, it's much more interesting than a plane. Overall it was a very relaxing weekend, and I would definitely recommend Pichilemu to beach fans and surfers as the beaches are all big and very accessible.
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the ocean!
the ocean!
If you look carefully you can see …
If you look carefully you can see…
another bus window view
another bus window view
various modes of transportation
various modes of transportation
I spy two surfers who caught a wav…
I spy two surfers who caught a wa…
Im pretty sure those four were fr…
I'm pretty sure those four were f…
There are a lot of horses in Chile.
There are a lot of horses in Chile.
view from the bus window between P…
view from the bus window between …
a homage to the Virgen Mary at a c…
a homage to the Virgen Mary at a …
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