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Remember when your parents always joked about slowing down to 10 mph and kicking you out of the car when dropping you off somewhere? In Chile that's literally what happens when riding the Micros. They are the little buses that are everywhere here in Conce. When you have to get off you push the botton, and the bus slows down enough to open the door and let you out without killing you. It's quite fun, except when it's muddy or rainy, which is all the time in the winter.

I went shopping this weekend for the important things I needed: boots, coat, more socks, etc. Luckily there are tons of sales in Conce right now, so I bought everything I forgot at home for about $90 USD. If you are ever travelling in Chile know that as long as a good isn't imported from America, it's probably a lot cheaper to buy here.

Today was my first class - Integración Social. Nothing exciting was covered, the basics about different types of government and how people are ostracized. The fun part was about 20 minutes in when I was introduced as the "extranjera" and that all questions about the US view should be directed to me. Of course being the local "estadounidense" I am the expert on how all Americans think. Hopefully I will be able to give a balanced view of how Americans think.
gfranci2 says:
I'm finishing up my International Minor in Engineering, Latin America, which means that I have to take classes about the culture and economic structure of Latin America.
Posted on: Oct 18, 2007
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