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We arrived in Buffalo following a pleasant, but non-eventful 11 and a half bus journey from Boston. It was half six in the evening and the place was deserted, (it was pretty creepy). Fortunately we only had to make the short walk to the ?tram stop and then a *free* ride to right outside the hostel.

It was a relief to recieve a nice warm welcome from Mike at the hostel (HI buffalo). This place was friendly, homely and cheap. We would be more than happy to stay there again.

We ventured out later in the evening to get some groceries, but again there wasn't much sign of life.

The next day we set out to explore Buffalo, confident that we would find some inhabitants. Howvever once again the the streets were deserted. However we did come across a couple of light aircrafts and tanks?!?  We wondered down to the Marina where there were plenty of fish, swallows and butterflies, and perhaps one or two people. We couldn't help but wonder, where the hell everyone was. We enjoyed a cruise on Lake Erie. (Which we thought would help us realise just how big the lake was, but we couldn't quite grasp it). It was a bit wierd having the USA on one side of the boat and Canada on the other. We enjoyed a nice beer from the one of the micro-breweries, and found out that the workers come out of their offices for lunch. (It was surprisingly nice to see people, again). Later we told Mike how we found the lack of people about a bit wierd. He said it was nice cos you got all the feel of a good small town community with all the benefits of a city.

July 4th we went to Niagra - see seperate blog.

Every lunch-time and Thursday night the bank puts on Free concerts. We went to a Thursday one and there were all these teenagers on Main street. We thought about not going, in case we felt old. However it seems like the concert was for over 21s only, and so all the teenagers stayed outside. There was a real festival sort of atmosphere going on. A storm did put an end to some excellent break-dancing, but didn't manage to dampen the people's spirit.

Friday we went to Buffalo Zoo which was excellent value for money. We were most impressed by the pygmy zebu (sort of minature cow) in the children's petting area, and the large number of different animals. We liked the usual meerkats and lemurs, but were less sure that it was the right place to keep bears.

All in all we had a great time in Buffalo, and we know that there is so much more we didn't  get to see. Ok it was a wierd place. (If you asked the person in the souveneir shop if you could buy stamps,(you couldn't) they looked at you as if you had just tried to buy some crack)! We don't mind admitting we would like to visit Buffalo again, some day. Or possibly even opening up a cazoo stall there. (Cazoos, pacemakers and brainstorming were all invented in Buffalo). As were Buffalo wings, but they just call them wings and they don't taste at all like the Buffalo wings we have in England!?!

But seriously how can you not like a place that has buffalo wings, beer, free trams, cazoo and minature cows?



pinchora says:
that's the funniest thing I read all day...Buffalo was like a set of a disaster movie...LOL!
Posted on: Jul 19, 2007
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