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When I was offered the position at CCV, I was also offered a room in staff housing.  Most of the staff live off the caye, but a handful stay on the caye, and there was a room available.  Airconditioned, all my meals covered, no rent: sounded like a good deal.  The only catch was that I had to get up to do the boat runs to pick up the cooks (6am) and the divestaff (7:30).  I told my roommate I was moving out, and packed my bags for Cocoview.

I got paired up with Gringo to work on the red boat, and later we got moved to the yellow boat.  Gringo was one of the boat captains- such a terrific guy, I had a great time working with him.  He never complained that I didn't haul as many tanks (since the rest of the dock staff were males, until they hired another girl a few weeks after I started), he was always in a good mood, and always made me laugh.  We worked hard, but we had a great time, and usually had a good group of people on board, some weeks better than others.

Living on the caye wasn't so great.  I missed my friends and the nightlife in West End.  It took about 40 min or so to get to West End, and the last boat coming to the caye was at 11pm, which meant I couldn't have much of a nightlife.   Occasionally, if I didn't have to work the next day, I'd just stay over with friends.  I remember one Friday night, wanting to head out to Fosters, which was the hot spot in west end, but I had to do luggage duty the next morning at 5am (the divestaff took turns, making the rounds in a golfcart to all the rooms to collect luggage of departing guests and loading it on the boat to take to the landing).  Lynne offered the use of the diveshop skiff so that I wouldn't have to make it back for the 11pm boat.  So I got up to CCV around 1 or 2 in the morning, unlocked the skiff, and tried to get the motor started.  Except the motor was put up out of the water, and I couldn't figure out how to get it down!  I ended up paddling over with one paddle: by the time I got to the caye, it was almost time to get up! 

Plus, there wasn't much of a life on the caye.  I didn't really like to hang out with guests outside of work (it just gets a little tiring, you're always answering the same questions, and always have on your happy face), but that meant that I was pretty well just holing up in my room with a book.  The other on-caye staff were coupled, so they kept to themselves in the evening.

Pretty soon, I decided to move back to West End, and just make the very long commute every day.  Unfortunately, my roommate had replaced me, so I had to find a new home.  I moved in with my friend Matt, but then his old roommate came back to the island, and I was homeless again.  Housesat in a yurt for a week (that was interesting!), stayed with a friend for a few days, and then found someone looking for a roommate, Lucy. 

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