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I flew up to New Orleans for the DEMA dive show.  I was meeting up with a friend who had been a guest on my boat in Egypt, but she wouldn't be coming in for the first couple days that I was there.  Wasn't sure where I'd stay until she arrived, I was just planning to head to a hostel.  On the plane, I got talking to a diveshop owner from Roatan, and he offered to let me stay at the condo that he and some friends were staying at.  It was great!  A friend of his from New Orleans was picking him up from the airport, so I got picked up as well, and then we headed out to see a bit of the nightlife.

New Orleans is such a fun city!  This was my first visit, and I'd definitely like to head back sometime (too many places in this world!).  After the first couple nights, I met up with Kristy, and a friend of hers, and we checked into the hotel she had booked.  Can't remember a lot of details from this trip, as this is quite awhile ago.  The dive show was neat.  I picked up a new wetsuit from one of the exhibitors on the last day, and I saw quite a few familiar faces, including a few of the people that I had worked with in Cayman and Egypt.  And did lots of shopping around the city, as I was starting to get tired of my very minimal wardrobe that I had brought to Honduras.  In general, I love the simplicity of life on Roatan, and the lack of commercialism, but it's so fun to go up to the States or Canada once in awhile and go on a shopping frenzy :)

My friends headed back to Houston the day before I headed out, so I spent my last night in a hostel, then headed back to Roatan.

Back in Roatan, things were still slow.  I had a fun group of friends, and I was having a good time, but just making enough to cover my bills.  After a few months, I was thinking about moving on, I was planning on Thailand next.  Then a temporary opportunity came up at one of the resorts on the East side, Cocoview.

The woman running the diveshop was going on vacation for a couple weeks, and needed someone to fill in, running the shop and instructing any courses that got booked.  I heard about it from the bartender at Twisted Toucan, and arranged to meet with her.  I took the long trip up to Cocoview (bus to Coxen Hole, then there was a staff bus, which I thought I missed, so I took an extremely slow public bus the rest of the way).  Lynne and I hit it off, and we made the arrangements for me to fill in for her.  At the time, I thought I would leave the island after she got back.

Cocoview is a great resort.  At the time, it was owned by an elderly American couple.  It caters specifically to divers, and it's very well laid out.  It's on a caye, so you need to take a little boat to get to it: every morning, a boatload of staff would head over.  I got along well with everyone, and the owners asked if I wanted to keep working there, as dive guide, once Lynne returned from her vacation.  Pay as dive guide is pretty bad, but tips can be really good, so I decided I'd stay put on Roatan awhile more.

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