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its difficult to hitch back to düsseldorf, because all of the seats in ALL of the cars registered were all taken so, i had no to choice but to hitch to cologne and then from cologne ride a train to düsseldorf. i was really worried because all of the people i sent smsm to, didnt bothered to reply,  and i found someone who's driving till solingen, which is only 20 mins. away from düsseldorf, and thank god! there are still 3 free seats in his car! i wanted to hug andreas (his name) for that ;D i was one day behind sched to go back.
so we met at bad cannstatt station in stuttgart and there are 3 more people, i was surprised because the other hitcher is dressed liked the summer fairy in the snow queen fairytale, i had to bit my tongue all the time to keep from laughing.  she keeps talking all the time - and its really not pleasing to the ears - really annoying. and another hitcher was late and she asked andreas to go now even if andreas still wanted to wait for a couple of minutes for the other one. if andreas wanted to start some conversations with me, she's cutting me off -she's really rude! well.. she wanted to get andreas attention because he has an a-class mercedes benz car (laughs) and about her age and she keeps asking about the gadgets inside the car and if andreas would explain, she keeps saying high tech all the time (for 100th time already) hahahahaha - the most unbelievable thing is, she asked andreas for a candy and andreas gave a pack of mints,  then she didnt gave back the whole pack and put it inside her bag :D hahaha but andreas asked for it back. hahaha unbelievable :D
she got off in cologne and andreas asked me to sit on the front with him. and of course, customarily to ask questions with one another :)
we started at about 3 pm and i was home including the short train ride at 8:30 pm :D - yeah home at last! :DDD
i had a great week in my aunt's place - mann... i thought i was going home with light things, but she packed some filipino delicacies like - atcharas (papaya pickles) for me, kamoteng kahoy (cassava cake) and hopia (chinese breads with munggos inside) and she baked a whole pizza for me to eat while travelling. hahahaha
and saskia - die große fraue dieser welt (the biggest woman in the world) - was such a nice person - and thats my nickname i gave for her - was not only a tall - but had the biggest heart for she accepts different cultures and learned to be with it, her weird but amazing humor and she can laugh at her mistakes - which made me miss my best friend because we had everything in common and i promised to visit her one day in switzerland.
Aditu says:
I 100% agree and you know any time you need to talk to someone or vent I'm here to listen!
Posted on: Jul 30, 2007
lauro says:
i have a big imagination suz.. and as a child i love books books and books... like this woman for example i never would have thought that i can compare her to a summer fairy? and funny situations happen to me everytime... i am not complaining.. this makes me strong and forget about problems for a while... sometimes its freaking me because i always think : does it only happen to me? but it doenst matter.. when i grow old, poor and penniless - i would sit in a bench and watch people pass by over me and feel i am the most luckiest person in this world because ive seen and ive lived it... (i am sorry.. i just have so many problem this time.. i couldnt help but write to you..)
Posted on: Jul 30, 2007
Aditu says:
I love them because you make everything seem so much fun!! And I smile when I read them which makes me happy :)
Posted on: Jul 29, 2007
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