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yikes, its my step-cousin's room - sylvia's room in the attic - i stayed there and after 30 mins. it looked like this already :D
as i waited for my sbahn to waiblingen, i got a bit thirtsy and hungry, so i bought a berliner (donut but not exactly like donut because it doent have a hole in the middle) with jam filling inside and hahahahaha an iced tea and its brand name was : BIANCA (laughs so hard) so the train came, and i had a hard time wading inside it coz it was jampacked and i was holding bianca, berliner and my hundred kilo knapsack altogether.  i had to fight my way to get inside.

as i was listening to my mp3 and eating, i saw two punks in front of me, they looked bored and no-nonsense expressions on their faces, but what catched my attention, they were also drinking that bloody bianca iced tea and were simultaneously drinking it at the same time. hahahaha - i tried to take a subtle pic of it in my handy, but its difficult because a girl with a big booty was in the way.

and so i was at waiblingen station, but my aunt lives still far away, still a part of waiblingen but i still had to take bus because it is 10 stations away from the main station - pampas, nothing, end of the world :D

i was really tired and it came across me that why did i ever went here? but as i rang the doorbell and got up at the 5th floor (wihouth any lift) my smiling aunt's face greeted me and asked if i already eaten. how sweet. :D

lauro says:
hahahahaha :D suz! youre amazing! you got the joke!!!!!!!!
Posted on: Jul 29, 2007
Aditu says:
HAHA, that's right JFK did say that I'm a donut loosely (spelling???) translated,lol
Posted on: Jul 29, 2007
lauro says:
jap! "ich bin ein berliner" :P a berliner is a bread and originated in berlin. :D its yummy though - sugar coated with jam filling inside :D
Posted on: Jul 26, 2007
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yikes, its my step-cousins room -…
yikes, its my step-cousin's room …
i hope sylvia wont kill me :D
i hope sylvia wont kill me :D
the two punks and simultaneously d…
the two punks and simultaneously …
the east side of my aunts flat
the east side of my aunt's flat
the front side
the front side
and the west side - with the schw├…
and the west side - with the schw…
photo by: lauro