MY VERY FIRST TB MEET UP : a day in stuttgart with saskia : die große frau dieser welt

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hahahaha saskia goofing while filling out forms :D
ahhhhhh.. i had problems sleeping for two days - i feel that i am that princess and the pea fairytale thing - tossing and turning in the bed, yesterday, i went to a friend that ive known from last year, we smoked a bit, so i can be tired and lazy and can sleep easily, but it didnt helped, so my aunt gave me a powerful sleeping pill - i think in just 10 minutes, everything went black and i dozed into oblivion.

saskia and me decided to meet at the central station of stuttgart - to be exact in the mittelausgang (middle exit) to be honest, i was really nervous, because shes from switzerland, they speak swiss german which is VERY different from the german they use in germany - but thank god that saskia knows high german, but i am still a bit scared because maybe she has betönung (accent) but she speaks so clearly and i can understand our conversation about 80 percent all the time.
the supposed to be "old town" of stuttgart
hahahaha :D

as i got off the escalator, i heard saskia called my named out loud :D wow, she greeted me really with a big smile and we shook hands :D she's really pretty i must say (laughs) anyway, we asked each other how we were and across the central station - lies the tourist information of stuttgart - we went there and sifted through the informations but nothing interests us really - and i suggested to saskia that we drive to ludwigsburg - its a small city with lots of baroque architectures.  but before that, saskia and me decided to walk around the innercity - stuttgart doesnt have an old city anymore - because it was so destroyed in ww2 - and they just mixed the planning of the city - old buildings here then modern buildings beside..
. it looks ugly, but it gave a character to the city. 

we walked through königstrasse (king street) the main street of stuttgart where the schloßplatz where a magnificent castle in baroque architecture is located and the resident of the kings of baden-württemberg (state in germany also known as swabia).  also in the main street there was a bio exibit - foods, houses and other materials made or came from bio products. saskia and me walked till the end of königstrasse, laughing and joking as if we were old friends! and i am very curious about switzerland and the swiss-german language. at the end of the street we were stopped by an advertisement and they wanted us to fill forms for them and we can win something - hahhha saskia was game to do that, but i was so shy.
saskia loves these shops.
i told the guy that i'd be leaving germany soon and its useless to fill the form. hahaha - i took some pics of saskia and the cool guys were also game for picture taking and we goofed for a moment there :D

we went back, but we went through small alleys and that was nice, because we ended up in a flea market and so many beautiful summer flowers they sell. and saskia remembered that it was where they would set up the christmas market. and the small alley ended up in the schloßplatz - and we took some funny pics of us there - then we decided to have a small snack/coffee but before - there was a "live" statue of liberty there - hahaha an artist like a pantomime and he/she was also game to take pictures with us :D. as we sat in a konditorei,  i ordered 3 flavors of ice cream and flat water and saskia a mixed tea.
hahaha :D
we talked about our travels, our countries but mostly i asked so many questions about her homestay in ecuador.  it was really nice, because i can compare the culture its not far from the culture from the philippines which was also a spanish colony.  it was very interesting to share insights from one another - and she taught me a little bit of swiiss german - hahaha forget it :D it would take years :D

as we headed back to the central station, there was a concert in the middle of the street - american indian music (north/south america) it was really beautiful -  the music - it transports you in another world eventhough youre in the middle of the street - saskia and me debated whether its quechua musik or american musik - well she was right - the melody and beat - is american indian music and at the middle of the concert, we were discussing the plight of native indians in the americas - i love thess topics! (laughs - these indian musikers are all over germany - i saw them at düsseldorf and köln but i never paid attention to them - because i had always something in my head or busy :(

then as we planned to drive to ludwigsburg, saskia (die große frau dieser welt - my nickname for her :D)  - just figure it out :P she got hungry - she had a big bread and for only some minutes she finished eating it :D she's fast :P i just got goulasch and bread as a takeaway and ate it inside the train :P - it was only couple of hours of meeting her and i think we talked about half of the world already! :D

mypictures4u says:
You have met Saskia :-)
Posted on: Aug 04, 2008
ratu says:
Nice entry!
Posted on: May 05, 2008
Aditu says:
I feel the same way about you!!
Is it the Hopi's that do the inlay work? I love that, I'm way excited about see the Sioux lands or what's left of them I guess. That's really sad.
Posted on: Jul 30, 2007
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hahahaha saskia goofing while fill…
hahahaha saskia goofing while fil…
the  supposed to be old town of …
the supposed to be "old town" of…
saskia loves these shops.
saskia loves these shops.
hahaha :D
hahaha :D
the flea market.
the flea market.
the late baroque castles of the ki…
the late baroque castles of the k…
beautiful summer flowers.
beautiful summer flowers.
saskia : die große frau dieser we…
saskia : die große frau dieser w…
the cube
the "cube"
scloßplatz in stuttgart.
scloßplatz in stuttgart.
the statue of liberty in germany :D
the statue of liberty in germany :D
give me your tired... your poor...…
give me your tired... your poor..…
american indian concert in the mid…
american indian concert in the mi…
yoga anyone?
yoga anyone?
the late baroque castle of the kin…
the late baroque castle of the ki…
a stag -  symbol of baden-württem…
a stag - symbol of baden-württe…
the lion.
the lion.
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