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a break halfway to stuttgart - in an autobahn rest place near frankfurt.
finally, i have my two weeks official off from work - 2 weeks! 2 weeks of nothing - no chaotic children, no arabic teenaagers, no more obnoxious rap music  from an amateur rapper (i have nothing against it, but if they play one song again and again and out of tune - thats really obnoxious).
i had been planning to drive to my aunt in the state of baden württemberg (where unbelievably the greatest tennis players of germany and the world came from - steffi graf, boris becker and anke huber), she lives in a small city called waiblingen - yeeeeeeeeaaaah - the pampas! laughs but it still belongs to stuttgart - the capital of the state.  i wasnt keen on going because the weather is really really bad.. raining and cold.. but i said to myself that nothing would happen if i stayed at home, even if i stayed i cant make the bad weather go away.
matze my seatmate.
and the most exciting thing is - i am going to meet saskia! (profile name: saskiahaering) she's from switzerland and i hope she wont speak swiss german to me or else i would not understand it (hehehe) weve been sending messages EVERYDAY since we got to know each other in travbuddy. like me, she has passion for adventure traveling and spanish ballad/alternative musik :)) and the amazing thing is her grandparents lives also near stuttgart! so we decided to spend the entire saturday together and get lost around :D
so germany is know for expensive on the spot train rides, so i decided to hitchhike to stuttgart. so i surfed the site www.mitfahrgelegenheit.
daniel's car.
(also good for basic german speakers, you can understand the site easily) boah... some hitchers are really picky - one guy actually advertised that he can only make one pause in  200 kms. (laughs) wow.. what if.....?? nevermind :D and the other one was so expensive he wanted to have 30 euros! (thats the price of an advance booking by train!) because his car is "akklimatiziert" or air-conditioned (rolls eyes) and most of them are already full because it was such short notice - but luckily i found daniel! and of all the places to meet in düsseldorf was in..................burger king :D - i used mitfahren 3x already and 2x the meeting point was burger king.. i dont know why.. i couldnt find the connection :D.
i packed some light pullovers (in case it gets cold), summer shorts and shirts - i CHARGED my cam (laughs wanna be sure this time) and also charged my handy and arranged the music inside so i can enjoy the ride.
i am very excited again :D my aunt promised to order me some chorizos, siopaos and longanissas (foods from the phils) yum yum yum :)) and it is summer so the sun sets at 10 pm... i can enjoy the ride and the scenic views along the way - but i slept. hahahahaha
lauro says:
ill be back on wednesday and i will immediately post the pictures :D
Posted on: Jul 23, 2007
tvillingmarit says:
Lev livets glade dager........ Means; Happy days are infront of you, or something like that
Posted on: Jul 22, 2007
hurleyc2007 says:
Posted on: Jul 22, 2007
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a break halfway to stuttgart - in …
a break halfway to stuttgart - in…
matze my seatmate.
matze my seatmate.
daniels car.
daniel's car.
photo by: Chokk